Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Les vertus de l'abricot, ses atouts santé et beauté
The apricot on your plate
The apricot is a fruit light, with a moderate caloric intake by 47 kcal per 100 g. On average, an apricot thus provides only 30 calories and provides a pleasant cooling sensation thanks to its slight acidity. Two apricots are enough to cover half the daily requirement of carotene, an antioxidant that plays a critical role against cancer. Apricot also provides vitamin C and trace elements, good for athletes. Potassium helps to eliminate toxins and aids recovery. Ripe apricot is an excellent source of fiber very good since half are pectins. It is a very digestible fruit that promotes red blood cell production, which is good against anemia.

Apricots can be eaten as a salad or dessert fruit when very fresh. Mashed or grout, it accompanies the cheese and ice cream. It is also tasty tart, crumble or charlotte. Poached in a flavored syrup, eat it whole. Pectin that contains apricot is excellent for making sauces and jams. Apricots can also accompany savory dishes such as tabbouleh, and poultry with its tartness. Similarly, the association apricot-goat cheese terrine is delicious. He slips in jokes salted with powdered almonds and accompanies meat stew. To keep it, you are advised to chill, but not in the freezer because it would lose its flavor. Apricot supports freezing, but it is better to eat fresh

Apricot: For a natural beauty
In oil, the apricot is an excellent facial. Yellow, the oil is extracted from the almond kernel, it has a light texture with a low viscosity and is easily absorbed through the skin, leaving no glossy effect. Apricot oil is known to improve and revitalize the skin radiance. It can replace creams day and night. It is also suitable for tired skin, faded and dull. Historically, Arab physicians advocate apricot oil to treat certain illnesses like earaches or nose. In Pakistan, women are used to keep skin velvet, despite old age. Mixed with clay, apricot oil provides excellent anti-wrinkle facial mask and can be used to soothe irritations caused by the sun.

Here are some tips to use apricot oil apricot or just himself. To regain the softness of your hands and your feet, you can retrieve a glass of apricot juice. Pour into a bowl and add a quart of warm water. Immerse yourself, and keep your hands or feet for 10 minutes in this solution, they appear protected. For a mask, take 3 to 4 ripe apricots and remove the stones. Mash, then whisk together the flesh and skin to obtain a slurry. You can add 6 drops of sweet almond oil to apply all over your face. Keep your mask for 20 min. To remove, wipe with a piece of cotton soaked in water.

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