Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It can result from allergic asthma

The symptoms of allergies and hay fever are generally very cumbersome and develop into a genuine public health issue. Watery eyes or a stuffy nose are typical symptoms of asthma but can also result from allergy. Approximately one in ten children and one in twenty adults are involved in bronchial asthma. In children, asthma can be prevented by parents of allergy by a few simple things to be respected. For example, no diet should be taken during pregnancy. A balanced and nutritious diet is important because malnutrition increases the subsequent risk of allergy and asthma in children. Tobacco smoke is another risk for allergies, because the lung growth is disturbed. And there are still many more things to be aware of the parents to proactively protect their children in advance.

The diagnosis was made asthma is the asthma treatment to the doctor no problem. When asthma is the respiratory muscles tense and the mucous membrane of the bronchi swells considerably. Tough mucus demonstrates the respiratory tract. The breathing is in particularly bad cases almost impossible.

The asthma treatment reduces these days, most asthma sufferers, only a little. On the average life expectancy of asthma has become so good as no influence. The patient can live an almost normal life, if the asthma is identified early enough, since the treatment usually does very well. To expand the bronchial tubes and allow the breath again, there are many asthma sprays. Often also be used with cortisone sprays. They reduce swelling and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. The doctor weighed precisely for asthma treatment, which drugs are prescribed and are the right ones. A combination of a cortisone spray and a bronchodilator spray is also often prescribed.

A whistling in the chest and shortness of breath are common symptoms. But you could still start from a cold. If, however, the whistling and coughing repeatedly and from the shortness of breath, a breath, then one can assume that it is asthma. The final diagnosis can be made by a doctor.