Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hay fever in pregnancy

How is hay fever changed in pregnancy may have foreseen that. Due to the hormonal change the immune system and mucous membranes, which can bring about an improvement. However, as a worsening of symptoms is possible. Medicines for hay fever in pregnancy use more wisely. Especially in the first trimester, all drugs, whether prescription or over the counter, be taken only after consultation with the doctor. Also, the typical hay fever drugs such as nasal sprays, ointments and antihistamines should not be used without consulting the doctor. Hay fever drugs work normally mostly superficial, but it can not be excluded that some of the substances are absorbed and reach the child.

Whether and which drugs can be taken can be clarified with the physician in a consultative meeting. About possible alternative therapies can help the doctor. is liberated thus offers an example, the possibility of nasal irrigation with an isotonic saline solution through the nose of the allergy-causing substances.

Developed in an asthma from hay fever can thus no longer be dispensed drugs during pregnancy. The risk of an asthma attack will be higher than the medication and therefore is mostly an exception made here. Otherwise, it could be at risk after an asthma attack, the oxygen supply to the child.

Often the rash occurs by the reaction patterns of skin appearance. It can be triggered by various internal and external stimuli and is usually characterized by hives. For the hives, there are many triggers. It can be just about allergies or intolerances to food and medicines, as well as psychological stress or physical stimuli of the skin caused by heat, cold, light, pressure or water. As with hay fever symptoms may be hives in pregnancy-conditioned better. Drugs are a threat in hives pregnancy-conditioned effective dar. The drugs are all not allowed in the pregnancy. The unborn child could be harmed by the substances.