Saturday, May 1, 2010

Often a major help for athletes: The sports medicine

The sports medicine, called in some cases also often "Sports Medicine" will always apply where there is a correlation between movements of the human body, and injury or if one is encountered by a sport-specific injury. For many active sports, it is always a major address since they own in the treatment of supposedly light and small injuries, as it appears, for example, a slight sprain, apply. In this profile, but also fit, for example, a common whiplash, so that this does, that the head is suddenly in the neck and then thrown forward. This is for example common in so-called rear-end collisions in traffic. But even with a variety of sports is to be expected with a whiplash. Thus, for example, of course, in the field of motor racing is a widespread violation. But even in Thai boxing, Thai boxing, which also knees, elbows and kicks and punches are allowed, must put such dreams is common. In the so-called rival, the two fighters clinch their hands on the neck of the other and thus try to gain control of the counterparty. They pull some surprisingly jerky and possibly the head of the other in all possible and sometimes even impossible directions. The result of the targeted Schleudertraumate. The sports medicine to treat but more typical injuries. enumerate in this context could include the typical "football knee" and the so-called "tennis elbow", fearing not only the tennis players. The sports medicine in the Federal Republic of Germany acted as a kind of additional qualification that can be gained by exception, every doctor. The term "sports physician" gives thus partly a distorted picture of the doctor, since he has not just focus on studying sports medicine, but has acquired the certificate just over one additional course. The types of injuries makes it just means that not only seek active or passive athletes already such a sports doctor, but also just people who work physically or in any way have something to do with a sport or have had. From this it is evident how important the sports medicine for the general society as a whole.