Sunday, May 2, 2010

In case of hay fever during pregnancy consult doctor

Allergy is not easy. Who is plagued with allergies as already pregnant and then during the hay fever is not only just has it right. Particularly in early pregnancy is taking medication to balance critical, therefore, the allergy can be particularly troublesome. exercise during pregnancy doctor appointments with hay fever here is an absolute must. Many pregnant women is determined by the head as they survive the hayfever well despite pregnancy. I thought to wide uncertainty whether an antiallergic pregnancy can be harmful.

But the annoying symptoms such as constant sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, burning, red eyes do not stop at pregnant. It can also predict how no one is developing hay fever by the altered hormonal balance. An aggravation is possible as well as an improvement. If the hay fever was a new pregnancy occurs must be dispensed to the usual skin allergy test, because the risk of allergic shock is too high.

The doctor may well consider whether the antiallergic pregnancy is dangerous or tolerated. As the hay fever can have serious consequential damage and related diseases must be sought in pregnancy medical advice. Expanding the hay fever in the direction of asthma can not be waived for treatment. In severe cases it may be that the short term even resorted to a cortisone preparation needs. Since the resulting lack of oxygen is to assess the child during an asthma attack clearly higher than the risk of a medication, that decision is absolutely unacceptable.

But can also be used in pregnancy alternatives. So one can perform nasal irrigation with an isotonic salt solution, which wash away the allergy-causing substances from the nose and then provide a free breath. Also, acupuncture is a very good form of treatment. It is not suitable for acute use, however, is a therapy that works for some time. The itching of the nasal mucous membranes may be made by ear and body acupuncture. The lungs will be strengthened, so that may be waived in the best case to the intake of hay fever medication.