Saturday, May 29, 2010

Atopic dermatitis in children with food allergy?

Already infants can on atopic eczema, neurodermatitis is also called, ill. Symptoms of atopic dermatitis in children are itching include scaling, swelling, redness and severe. The causes of this disease are not yet fully clarified, a genetic predisposition is also considered how different environmental factors or stress. Also a food allergy as the cause might come into question or intensify the symptoms. A possible food allergy requires a highly accurate evaluation. In no case without a medical evaluation and support should be a diet plan for children are created, are simply discarded in which suspected foods. Here there could be a dangerous deficiency of important nutrients, deficiency symptoms were the result. There is a suspicion that the eczema in children is caused by a food allergy or strengthened as a result one should first measure a food diary. In this book, all meals, their exact composition, time and amount are entered. It is important to note any possible skin reactions at once, as if there are no lesions. The diet should be as varied, in order to undergo a lot of food in this way an initial examination. Is there a food allergy, atopic dermatitis deteriorates very often in children above or at night. Confirmed the suspicion that there are a food allergy, it might be important, sure to consult a specialist to make clarify the allergy. The most common foods that can cause an allergy include cow's milk products, soy, nuts, wheat and eggs. Delete these foods only on suspicion in children from the diet could lead to serious deficiencies, if not carefully worked out diet plan guaranteed the balance of the diet. Without a clinical investigation under no circumstances should the diet be changed, for atopic dermatitis in children may have many other causes. A food allergy can only clarify the specialist, he can give appropriate advice about a possible diet. In atopic dermatitis in children a balanced and healthy diet is essential to medical advice is particularly important.