Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are there anti-allergic side effects?

After suffering from allergies and hay fever always people there are fighting more and more drugs the symptoms. But it was found in several recent U.S. studies that incompatibilities occur in about one in three users. In the normal dose, most people benefit from the desired main effect of problems, while others are already adequately served with half the amount of the drug. Professor Gerd Glaeske by the Department of Pharmaceutical Care Research, University of Bremen, warns that goes beyond all that, this makes people sick.

But one should not think allergies that he must go through the hay fever alone and without medication because hay fever is a serious disease that can cause the consequential damage.

But has an anti-allergic side effects? It all depends on whether a patient responds to different things. There are a variety of drugs that act in sensitivity at lower doses as well. Thus, the antiallergic effects is free. It should be reduced in any case, the recommended dose on your own. The better way would be with a low dose under medical supervision to start and then increase as needed.

There are also many children affected by hay fever and allergies. But an antiallergic agent is suitable for children? In a trial 54 children with hay fever were given conventional treatment. This was an antiallergic such as cetirizine (Zyrtec example) is used, if necessary kortisonhaltiges a nasal spray and a second anti-allergic, and if necessary even in the short term oral corticosteroids. In a homeopathy group, 57 children were given prophylactic Luffeel comp. tablets and Lymphomyosot N-drop. Additionally treated with Luffeel comp.-spray and hay fever Euphrasia eye drops if allergic reaction occurring. There was never any difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine for children undergoing therapy
treated children. However, 17% of morning sleepiness, dry nose and eye symptoms increased, the children had been treated with the anti-allergic agent. Children with homeopathic treatment, however complained of any adverse effects.