Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sometimes helpful: Hair loss drugs

Everyone will find daily brush or comb a certain number of hairs. This is still no evidence of hair loss, but in most cases, completely normal. go out only when more hair can grow back as, it is called alopecia. In addition to various other treatment options, today there are also effective hair loss medication that can be used in certain forms of hair loss. Abnormal hair loss is divided into three categories. The first is the hereditary hair loss is usually hormonal. The circular hair loss is considered one of the auto-immune diseases and can lead to a complete loss of body hair. The diffuse hair loss is usually an indication of an extreme lack of appearance of the body and can be caused by diet by disease, side effects of drugs or deprivation of the body. Now people find different ways with the thinning hair deal. For men, short hair is often a good option. The use of a toupees or to cover the bald spots with longer hair can be an opportunity to get rid of the hair loss, at least visually. The treatment of hair loss medications may also be helpful in many cases.

Various hair loss medications can be helpful

Drugs are available for women and men available in different formulations. Although it is an irrefutable truth that even unusual hair does not begin to grow again, but medical treatment can get the actual condition and cause a thickening of the remaining hair. Treatment should be done as soon as possible. Most hair loss is going ahead again when the funds are withdrawn. A gentle treatment option is to use Hair Tincture. These are applied directly to the scalp and are beginning to show results after three to six months. Only when the Hair Tincture not have the desired effect we will use tablets, which act on hormonal basis. These are usually prescription and their use and their dosage should be discussed with the physician

What to do about hair loss?

Hair and make a lot of work, be it tear in their care or removal of undesirable places, but the hair is especially true hair loss. What men of a certain age is almost as normal, is a disaster for women. Luckily for women is a rare genetic hair loss, but not be totally excluded. In most cases, hair loss in women has other causes, which in some cases are quite commonplace and can be solved quickly.

The most common cause of hair loss is stress. Above all, who is much more affected by career or family and no breaks begrudge harms not only his nerves, but also his hair. By excessive stress may even damage the hair roots which means that once the unusual hair will not grow again. In most cases the hair grows back, but after. Nevertheless, you should swear in excessive stress if possible. When hair loss may not only stress play a role.

Should not be underestimated cause of hair loss may be incorrect care products. Above all, the shampoo can be blamed on the temporary loss of hair. So who suffers from hair loss should, first of all to change the shampoo. Often this measure's enough from hair loss to get a grip. But what do you need to purchase a shampoo? Most important are the ingredients that are not always easy to recognize. Anyone who has hair loss should first pay attention to the shares are no silicone in the shampoo, for this they put around the hair and complain it does not tolerate any type of hair the extra weight. Even with irrigation should make sure that no silicone is used. The safest way is to switch to baby shampoo, because it is free of any harmful substances and tolerated in any case. However, has little baby shampoo and skin care properties, so the hair can quickly get deficiency and brittle and lusterless be. The best thing is the pub, the confidence to ask for advice because they know that most shampoos are the best and are happy to advise help.

Hair loss, men as the main stakeholders

Hair loss, men are significantly more likely than women affected is a major issue that has of course taken the beauty industry extensively. There are infinitely many wonder products that the regrowth of the already lost hair or hair loss can promise absolutely prevent. Since hair loss in most men of a certain age genetic, can this not with a few magic potions to prevent or resolve. Of course, there are also cases where hair loss has (in men) non-genetic causes.

Certainly, hair loss in men in most cases are genetic, but he may also have other causes. Stress, for example, a common cause of hair loss. Those who reduced his stress can not only preserve his nerves, but also his hair. Of course you can not make it completely stress out of the way, a certain amount of stress is also quite healthy, but you should always provide for adequate rest for his health not to compromise by stress. But there are also other non-genetic causes of hair loss.
Hair loss, men shampoos as a cause?

Hair loss in men is almost always genetic causes that can fix, unfortunately, with no magic formula, but in some cases, it is also because of the inappropriate care. Hair loss, men as the main victims, have not always "incurable". Sometimes it's enough to change the shampoo. So if you suffer from hair loss does not equal to the pharmacy or doctor to run or grow a wig, but can simply use a new shampoo. Of course you should purchase a new shampoo make sure that it does not have the same effect as the old shampoo. The main cause of hair loss due care products are silicon contents in the personal care products. Those who purchase their care to see to it that contain no silicone, may stop his hair loss already. Helpful, it is also a hair of his confidence to ask for advice, because often hairdressers know the problem and can recommend a silicone-free shampoo, which still makes for soft and shiny hair. Even the Internet can be found using various search engines tips on especially gentle to the hair products. One must not paint like the devil on the wall, because hair loss is often caused by environmental influences.

Hair loss may be hormonal treated well

The disturbance of the endocrine failure is the most common cause of hair loss. Hormonally induced loss of scalp hair is caused by a lack of female hormones, but also by too many male hormones. Furthermore, hormonal hair loss can also result from a disruption of thyroid hormones. The problem with a loss of hair is this: the increase of male hormones in the blood is undetectable and can only take place locally at the hair roots. Cause of hair loss is not the hormone testosterone, but the dihydrotestosterone, which is formed in the tissue by the 5 alpha reductase.

Hair loss hormone - treatment options

If too many male hormones act on the hair root, creates a hair loss. Hormonally induced hair loss may be a result of taking tablets, but also by the application of creams or Tonic, or even injections handled and treated. In particularly serious cases, hormone injections are given, which are administered every two weeks. Hair loss caused by a hormonal deficiency of estrogen can be treated by direct treatment with estrogens on the scalp. Thus, the hair follicles are stimulated to resume its natural growth and boost again.

There are certain hair lotions that are applied directly to the scalp. The drug Minoxidil works in combination of the hormones estrogen and progesterone on the hair growth. The drug finasteride is used as a hair tonic, through the medium, the male hormones inhibited in the scalp. These two resources can be well used in hormonal hair loss. Furthermore, the administration of vitamin D3 effect that: on the receptors in the hair follicle is the hair growth stimulated. In addition, often Eisenpräperate and be given vitamin B6 and B12.

Who is affected by hormonal hair loss, should one bring mainly in the treatment of: patience. It takes time to grow and regrow hair. The regeneration of damaged hair takes time. At baseline, all damaged hair be even, so the first successes are only about six weeks after beginning treatment recognized and noticed.

A hair loss treatment is extremely important for many

Everyone loses up to one hundred hairs every day. This is also not a cause for concern, but some people really suffer from hair loss and lose all the hair tufts. The reasons may be quite different and require different treatments. If you know the trigger, you can take a specific hair loss treatment in attack. This can be medically or in some cases, a hair transplant.

There are now many forms of hair loss treatment available, but are not all that helpful. Medication can treat hair loss if it is based on a hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to androgens. And with diffuse hair loss can be treated with drugs, because the hair root is intact, but is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients via the circulation. If all else fails there remains the possibility of hair transplantation. Here with innovative laser and microsurgery healthy hair roots to be redistributed. On the hairy back of the modern hair transplantation can be taken painlessly hair roots. This will be used on bald spots again.

A hair loss treatment can take place on different types

Hair loss due to a hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to androgens (male sex hormones), there is a hereditary form of hair loss. This form is for both men and women and it can be treated with medication. However, it only after the hair loss while taking the drug, the therapy is stopped falling again increased from hair. It is important that care in the choice of therapy is well tolerated and the appropriate drug is chosen. Most of the drugs are prescription.

Do the hairs on the entire scalp, is called a diffuse hair loss. The trigger here are indeed intact hair roots, which are supplied via the circulation, but can not get enough nutrients. This can be for example amino acids and B vitamins. Many factors come for a diffuse hair loss in question. Therefore should always first be researched for the cause of this can be targeted for treatment.