Monday, August 2, 2010

Best hay fever drug

Often hay fever for a true nightmare begins when most people are happy about the spring and summer. In most cases, allergies to hide this time in the house, often even with the windows closed. The annoying symptoms are always the same: tearing, burning, itchy, red eyes, runny or stuffy noses, sore throats, sometimes violent sneezing attacks. There is quite a lot of hay fever medications which provide the Allergiegeplagten some relief. Which can be described as the best hay fever medication, depends on the patient. What counts for one as the best hay fever medicine can be quite wrong for the other degree.

For different symptoms can be used with various anti-allergic drugs. There is a distinction between local and internal use. Tablets or juice, for example, are for internal use. An anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect is given for these drugs. However, attention should be paid to the use of modern drugs, since this does not make you tired. The pharmacist can advise and pick out the correct preparation.

Acute, minor ailments can use nose drops, for example, provide for a blocked nose, such as those used for colds, relief. Eye drops for conjunctivitis in the short term can help with reddened eyes. Homeopathic medicines can be used for the prevention and treatment as well as calcium tablets. Also, eye drops or a nasal spray containing the active ingredient cromolyn sodium are used. Sometimes, however, extends the dosage of the active ingredient in the prescription drugs are not and you have to leave his medication prescribed by a physician. The hay fever prescribed medications have a higher dosage.

Unfortunately, there is not a panacea or universal prescription for the treatment of hay fever. When taking calcium hay fever treatment can successfully support. When it comes to allergies, the use of calcium is less well known. If you want to use for hay fever can calcium supplements can very well resort to h salts.

The cure for allergy desensitization

Allergies and hay fever are constantly on the rise. More and more people are affected. Even children are affected more often by allergies. To have the typical symptoms such as tearing, burning, red eyes, a runny or stuffy nose, fighting some violent sneezing attacks there are now a lot of medications that are sometimes also buy over the counter in pharmacies. Nasal sprays, eye drops, ointments or nose can quickly remedy the situation. Also tablets with modern drugs help quite quickly. In severe cases, however, a doctor prescribing the products with higher drug doses. In very bad cases have also resorted to ever cortisone. An alternative is acupuncture with different body and ear acupuncture points to treat allergies or desensitization.

The cure allergy desensitization is a good alternative but is not guaranteed that it works. Due to the desensitization of allergies to certain substances are insensitive is very lengthy. At the start of treatment may be afebrile and free of acute infection, the patient. Also, treatment should begin before the hay fever season.

The basis for the pollen allergy desensitization is the allergy test to even know what substances trigger the allergy. Allergy is the substance is known it can be tackled specifically. The patient should be sensitive to the pollen. In Western medicine is currently the only form of treatment that combats the causes of allergies. But unfortunately there is no guarantee of a successful appeal of freedom in the long run. The treatment takes a long time. At the start of the pollen allergy desensitization, the patient receives small amounts of the allergen is injected under the skin. Gradually, the dose is increased slightly. The allergies can get used to this way to the allergen. In many cases, the allergic reactions are weaker. In some cases the allergy disappears altogether. The chance of success, however, is very different, there is also always on the triggering substance.

Cetirizine for hay fever is a good solution

While most people rejoice when spring comes, will start for the allergy suffering. Burning red, watery eyes, stuffy or runny nose and sneezing make some violent activities, especially outdoors, almost impossible. Keep well clear of most windows closed in the house is hot in this period. Meanwhile, there are many hay fever drugs provide relief. A distinction is made here between internal and external modes of action. The internal count tablets or capsules. For example, preparations containing the active ingredient ceterizine. When to use hay fever cetirizine is a good solution, as these modern hay fever preparations do not seem tired and still outstanding. The effect is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic. If hay fever is to use cetirizine even to lead a nearly symptom-free life and do all what we can to have fun - even outdoors.

There are different sizes. If you try the drug until times like you can buy a pack of seven tablets in the pharmacy. The next package size is 20 pieces. Coming along well with the drug and I know that we take it for a long time you have to be competitive with the 100 pieces package cetirizine advantage. Also it is running with the pack of 100 pieces cetirizine not as quick to stand without danger of hay fever medication.

However, it must be said also to be used in very bad that complaints must cortisone. Hay fever is a very serious disease because Folgeerkranken like asthma can develop it. In any case, the physician should be sought, as best he can advise and suggest the appropriate therapy. He can also make an allergy test to determine what is the triggering substance. And that can be many. Grasses, pollen, fungal spores, animal hair or dust mites are in question here. Also many a patient reacts to food. A kind of short circuit in the immune system is responsible for hay fever. Substances that are actually harmless, are classified as enemies and are opposed by the defense. It can be dangerous to try to get over the hay fever medizinfrei time and should therefore not be considered.

Hay fever, eczema and asthma

Hay fever, eczema and asthma are diseases that are always on the rise and affect ever more people. A genetic defect of the skin may also play a role in the development of allergies. This is due to a genetic lack of filaggrin, which is a key protein of the skin barrier. Of the German population about eight per cent of the filaggrin gene variants carry within them. Thus they have a threefold higher risk of suffering from atopic dermatitis. Nor can thus increase the risk of hay fever and asthma, cancer.

Hay fever, eczema and asthma are not only annoying illnesses they also need treatment. Asthma can be very dangerous when it comes to an attack with shortness of breath. Which can develop into a cardiovascular failure and death of untreated.

Eczema affects children is it an inflammatory disease of the skin. The predisposition is innate. Many different triggers affect the changeable appearance. Approximately 11-13% of all children in Germany are affected by atopic dermatitis, on the half already in infancy or babyhood. Usually the disease is improving at such an early start to the enrollment significantly. Eczema affects children but need not despair yet. The eczema can get well with a consistent treatment under control. Often, those affected can lead normal lives without major complaints. That parents and children understand the disease is just as critical to the success of the treatment with the active participation. Is in families already known that atopic dermatitis occurs, may already be taken during pregnancy a precaution.

And psychological factors can trigger the symptoms and influence the course. You are not the real cause. In the past has often expressed the opinion that the atopic dermatitis is the consequence of a disturbed mother-child relationship. This view is outdated. But the disease can actually cause a considerable burden on the entire family. An eczema-training can help parents and children to learn everything about the disease in order to confidently use it.