Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best Hunting Places In America

America has a wide range of landscape. The mountain ranges, deserts, marsh lands, and beaches make for some of the greatest hunting areas in the world. Whether you’re hunting for deer, bear, wild pigs, duck, cougar, or elk make sure you are carrying the proper equipment. A serious hunter might be wearing Kenetrek boots on his feet and have a multipurpose hunting backpack. Eberlestock Backpacks and Badlands Backpacks have hunting equipment with special features such as hydration systems, gun and bow holders, and are made of waterproof materials. Wherever you may go on this list, make sure you come prepared to have a successful trip.

1. Calvert Hill. Located in Pike County, Illinois, this area is proudly known for their trophy white tail deer.

2. Unit 17-19 Western Alaska. This is the best place to hunt brown and grizzly bears. Unit 17-19 is a very secluded part of Alaska. Hunters must be flown into the area. The bear hunting season lasts eight months. This is a very dense area which makes it very enticing for veteran hunters.

3. White Sands Missile Range. Located in southern New Mexico, White Sands is a flat desert area made up of gypsum. For those who love hunting exotic animals, this is the best place to hunt in the United States. Oryx is not native to the United States but are bred in this eccentric landscape. Hunts are available from September to March, but tags are given by drawing only.

4. Barker Creek. Located in Wisconsin, this is a great place to hunt deer. Barker Creek is acres and acres of grass lands, aspen trees, and sedge/cattail marsh.
5. Nucla. Located in Colorado. Nuclas is the perfect place for turkey hunters to do their thing. It is home to the Merriam turkey.

6. West Yaak. Located in Montana, this hunting area is the most secluded and wild area in all of Montana. West Yaak is best known for moose hunting. It is a very dense area with ponderosa, cedar, hemlock, and spruce trees.

7. Gila Mountains. Located in New Mexico, this is an impressive place to hunt elk. The terrain is not too steep, but it is a very thick wooded area.
8. Tehama. Located in California, this is the best area to hunt wild pigs. Tehama is nearly 50,000 acres of oak woodlands, grasslands, and rugged canyons. It is just south of the town Payne’s Creek.

9. Monroe Mountain. Located in Utah, this mountain is a great place to hunt cougars. Cougars are a protected animal in Utah, although a certain number of tags are given out every year to prevent overpopulation
10. Southern Saskatchewan. By virtually any measure, Saskatchewan is one of the best places to hunt waterfowl. The province is the continent’s most important breeding area for mallards, pintails, and other ducks.