Sunday, May 30, 2010

A drug to treat allergy

Most people are pleased with the spring and summer. But for the hay fever begins the nightmare. The symptoms make it nearly impossible for him to leave the house at all. Sometimes violent sneezing attacks, watery, burning, red eyes, scratchy throat and stuffy or runny nose. But the symptoms can be effectively blocked by a drug against allergy. It is now quite a number of different preparations. For a drug to treat allergy is a distinction between internal and external use.

A pollen allergy medicine may be, for example nasal ointment, nasal spray or eye drops. These include the local so the external application. For internal use include tablets, capsules and juice. Many of them can get a prescription at the pharmacy. Through an allergy test and a medical consultation can be found which is the best preparation. Also, a first allergy test to be conducted in order to know which allergen is responsible. So you can fight it specifically.

An allergy is an anti-allergic drug of new generation. These have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. Care should be taken on a modern drug, since this does not make you tired. The pharmacist can pick out the correct preparation and comprehensive advice. Minor complaints can be treated with nasal sprays. Homeopathic medicines can be used equally well for the prevention and treatment.

It should also be given to treatment with acupuncture or a desensitization. The use of homeopathic remedies is as an alternative.