Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The problem affects not only allergic hives

Rather, it is so that the hives can be fought successfully, what with allergies, which usually remain for a lifetime as a guest in the body, is rarely the case. Effective medication for the treatment of hives to promise a rapid decay of visible pustules and, more importantly for the person concerned, a fast relief of itching. This is designed to be extremely stubborn and pushy. Who was hit once before by a rash, who knows that horrendous pruritus. Cold showers, ointments, creams, everything does absolutely nothing. It's enough to drive out of the skin and see the still appalling. Large areas are spreading throughout the body pimples, swollen merge to huge swollen areas and are just as suddenly disappeared, as they came. Allergy can sing a song about it. In most cases the symptoms are not resolved before the doctor visit, but do not worry, they will come back. The way to the dermatologist should be in any case. This is then based on the description of the disease quickly, the diagnosis of urticaria. With an allergy test will be clarified whether it is perhaps an allergic reaction and it is one of the group of allergy sufferers. In most cases, hives, however, triggered by psychological stress. We all know the expression that the skin is the "mirror of the soul." A sick or stressed soul then leads to an outbreak of hives. This must not be natural, but almost everyone suffers at some point in their life, to hives. Here we need not despair just because it will disappear. Either when the shutter is eliminated-in stress in the job usually after a short break or holiday all by themselves after weeks or no later than two years. In addition to a soothing anti-allergic agent, the dermatologist will advise on various methods of relaxation. Autogenic training or meditation promote mental balance and allow the body back to find inner peace. The rash is so pointed in their place and counteract new outbreaks. Will it due to hives, but now for Allergy? In principle, yes, at least temporarily, as succinctly said, one is allergic to himself.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weleda hay fever - what to do for hay fever

When the spring comes again the time for hay fever symptoms, many wonder hay fever patients each year: what to do for hay fever? The question: what do for hay fever is more urgent if the prescription, usually chemical, drugs are not compatible and does not really want to play, because you usually here more harm than good. An alternative to these chemical drugs offers a product that is on drugs with herbal ingredients specialized company Weleda. Here the product is recommended Weleda hay fever, it usually is over the counter in pharmacies. It is always worth a direct demand in that pharmacy by Weleda hay fever. Because in most cases, drugs that the pharmacy does not have in stock will be ordered. It is a possibility even with an over the counter products. In general, the desired drugs to be picked up after a few hours, with many pharmacies already offer a delivery service of medication. It is recommended to find alternative drugs, a look into the Internet. Here you can have on various search engines to locate his desired product, and also receives a detailed description of the drug, including its effects and side effects. As an added bonus, the consumer gets the Internet at the same time offering the cheapest offer, so you can compare various other herbal supplements with the drug actually looking at its effects and side effects. Information can be obtained in many cases, as with the company Weleda, known as call centers, which are accessible via a (usually toll) service hotline. Here you can have too are his questions and obtain comprehensive information about the desired product. At the same time you can also request a list of trading partners, and thus experiences, whether their own pharmacy on site, one of the distributors. If this is the case, the drug is usually present as permanently managed product and can be obtained within a few hours from the pharmacist on the wholesale or a direct representative.

Allergy hives is a pain

Do you know that? Suddenly, the skin begins to itch and everywhere form small hives and skin swelling. Usually this is a typical case of hives, which is called in technical language urticaria. The disease occurs in waves and can be unpredictable for allergy sufferers. Often, the hives disappear but after a few minutes, sometimes they remain for months or even years. Hives has many causes.

A drug, a virus that is ice cold beer in the evening, stress and depression trigger the disease. Allergic reaction with hives on foods such as fish, eggs, cereals, milk, shellfish, shells, nuts and berries, to menthol in toothpaste, for residues of pesticides in fruit and vegetables, to amalgam in dental fillings, to insect stings or medications such as aspirin or penicillin. Too, too long, wearing a backpack can cause the skin rash. In many cases, doctors and concerned not the cause of the hives. Approximately 12-35 percent of Germans are, according to studies at least once in their lives affected by an acute urticaria. The number of allergy sufferers is not increased in the last thirty years. Rash occurs most often between the ages 30-50 years. Women suffer more frequently than men. Also it occurs in newborns. Acute urticaria is the most common skin diseases and is one of the most unpleasant. Especially the itching charged to those affected. "Patients not sleep and can not concentrate on work because she was so much to scratch," says Marcus Maurer, professor of allergy at the Allergy Centre Charité in Berlin.

Hives sounds mostly without medication again. Severe Allergy must also be treated. To find the cause of the hives, called a skin prick test is done. Various substances are known to trigger allergies, are applied to the skin. Allergy then react with red skin swellings. It is often not just one but there are several substances that cause an allergic reaction. These histamines are released. With medication, called antihistamines, this distribution and thus the allergic reaction are suppressed.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sleep disorders, treatment by medication

In our Western society, it is not unlikely someone of sleep disorders would know from personal experience, because at least temporarily, is statistically affected almost every one of them. For the ordeal but it is only if they lay not sleeping on their own, but start slowly everyday to be determined. Who is not sleep, suffering not only to constant fatigue, but also to mood swings, headaches, listlessness, and can even get a depression by sleep deprivation. But what to do with persistent insomnia?

If you want to treat sleep disorders has many possibilities. It is important that one seeks to persistent sleep disturbances in a doctor, because in some cases, sleep disorders also Conditional health. A sleep disorder treatment at a medical level is not always necessary, but it is better first to seek professional help, for the sleep disorder could possibly be a symptom of a serious illness. In most cases, sleep disorders are psychological and not have to be treated with medication.
Sleep disorders, treatment with alternative methods

Sleep disorders can be treated in many ways. Reaching for a sleeping pill seems easy and in most cases, particularly effective. For sleep disturbances caused by temporary stress, this may be useful but also a lasting insomnia treatment should not rely on drugs. It is recommended if you have recourse to drugs, to use natural ingredients. Modern medicine offers a wide range of alternative medications that are less harmful to the body and have the same effect. However, there are other ways to sleep better.

Often, it already helps to reduce the room temperature in the bedroom and to ensure adequate oxygen, because these are factors which promote sleep. Green plants should therefore be banished from the bedroom, as they only produce oxygen during the day and consume oxygen at night. It is important to also keep an orderly daily routine. It should be possible to go to bed and get up same time every day at the same time, because then the body can adapt more easily fall asleep and the evening light.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Medicines for hay fever

Most people are pleased with the spring and summer, but for hay fever often starts a true nightmare. They often have little chance to leave the house at all can still without the need to sneeze constantly. Also to create make the watery, burning, red or itchy eyes, like the scratchy throat and stuffy or runny nose. Medicines for hay fever can help allergy symptoms almost to get through the hay fever season. A variety of medications for hay fever are available without a prescription at the pharmacy. The best way through a medical consultation and an allergy test to find out which supplements are right. If we know the causative allergen, you can fight it specifically.

Medicines for hay fever may be a distinction between inner and external use. The internal use associated with drugs are tablets, capsules or juice. They have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. However, care should be taken on modern drugs as they do not tired. But here, the pharmacist can give the best help and best advice.

You can do with allergies and have to go through the allergy is not so. Minor complaints can be combated by the use of nasal sprays or eye drops. You have to do what with allergies and hay fever, so there are no other diseases to develop it. Hay fever is the stronger, so it is sometimes necessary to prescribe medications for hay fever by doctors to leave. Homeopathic medicines can be used for the treatment and to prevention.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are there anti-allergic side effects?

After suffering from allergies and hay fever always people there are fighting more and more drugs the symptoms. But it was found in several recent U.S. studies that incompatibilities occur in about one in three users. In the normal dose, most people benefit from the desired main effect of problems, while others are already adequately served with half the amount of the drug. Professor Gerd Glaeske by the Department of Pharmaceutical Care Research, University of Bremen, warns that goes beyond all that, this makes people sick.

But one should not think allergies that he must go through the hay fever alone and without medication because hay fever is a serious disease that can cause the consequential damage.

But has an anti-allergic side effects? It all depends on whether a patient responds to different things. There are a variety of drugs that act in sensitivity at lower doses as well. Thus, the antiallergic effects is free. It should be reduced in any case, the recommended dose on your own. The better way would be with a low dose under medical supervision to start and then increase as needed.

There are also many children affected by hay fever and allergies. But an antiallergic agent is suitable for children? In a trial 54 children with hay fever were given conventional treatment. This was an antiallergic such as cetirizine (Zyrtec example) is used, if necessary kortisonhaltiges a nasal spray and a second anti-allergic, and if necessary even in the short term oral corticosteroids. In a homeopathy group, 57 children were given prophylactic Luffeel comp. tablets and Lymphomyosot N-drop. Additionally treated with Luffeel comp.-spray and hay fever Euphrasia eye drops if allergic reaction occurring. There was never any difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine for children undergoing therapy
treated children. However, 17% of morning sleepiness, dry nose and eye symptoms increased, the children had been treated with the anti-allergic agent. Children with homeopathic treatment, however complained of any adverse effects.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Atopic children can mean constant stress

Your baby is crying and can sleep through the night, because the skin is so itchy. It is red and has scaly and sometimes oozing eczema. It is an atopic dermatitis. Scabbing and itching are typical symptoms children. The baby scratch and scratch again and again. Sometimes the skin is scratched even bloody. Bacteria penetrate into the wound one, they can cause purulent skin infections. The concern for the child and the lack of sleep impact of many parents. Atopic children mean duration of stress.

The chronic, inflammatory skin disease is not contagious occurs in half of patients on in the first months of life. Until the enrollment can occur a significant reduction. In about four out of five children, there is a chance that the eczema disappears after puberty. Does the disease exist, can cause asthma and allergic rhinitis added aggravating. Approximately one in six girls and one in six young children in Germany are atopic dermatitis. The children show symptoms are probably due to a congenital predisposition. With consistent treatment, the disease can get well under control. Patients and their families can lead normal lives without major complaints. Key to the success of the treatment is that parents understand the disease and atopic children and actively participate in treatment. Atopic children should be overprotected by no means. Families in which atopic dermatitis occurs already for generations, can take steps to prevent the disease. Women should not smoke during pregnancy, adopt the baby after the birth of at least six months of breast-feeding and complementary feeding until the child is six months old. It should also be avoided allergenic foods in the first two years of life. These include egg, fish and nuts. Cheap holiday destinations are the mountains and the sea. Farm is not recommended.

Eczema is not curable but treatable. To trigger factors, e.g. Food intolerance, to realize it needs much work and effort. Both the doctor and the atopic children. However, often only the symptoms of children and to combat the causes studiously overlooked. Many German cities have support groups and training for parents.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

House dust allergy and cat allergy

In the cat allergy the allergic reactions are not even on the fur of the cat back to itself, but the hair has to be proteins that cause the cat allergy. Here, the saliva mixed with some skin cells in the cat's hair, making them adhere to the proteins that trigger the cat allergy. This should be explained why the cat allergy was likely to be caused by hairless cats. In most allergens are in the face of a cat. As is usually cats is commonly known. This reach the allergens from the saliva and dander in the fur on the rest - or at hairless cats on the skin of the cat. And solve then the cat allergy. In addition to the allergen Fel d 1, there are other, but this is the main cause of cat allergy. After this allergen is extremely small and light, it is also captured from furniture, clothes and walls, so the allergens are carried around and spread easily. Even in schools, public transport or in the office of the allergens from cat owners is disseminated so that the cat allergy can also occur where there are no cats. Perhaps the most curious cat allergy for instance, was directly detected in the ice sheet in Greenland - and cats can now find out not really! The cat allergy manifested no different than other allergies: by sneezing, runny nose, skin rashes, watery and red eyes, but also by swelling and intense itching, if one is injured. In the worst case, the cats also cause allergic asthma attacks, if you ignore the other symptoms.
Dust mites, known as rhinitis, and their droppings trigger the house dust allergy. This follow itch and itch in the worst case even asthma attacks and persistent sneezing or runny nose, eyes, ears, neck aches and swells, and possibly an asthmatic cough spreads. The house dust allergy can also have psychological consequences: one is irritable, has the feeling of being attacked constantly, and it seems as if others react with pure ruthlessness.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Atopic dermatitis therapy significantly alleviates symptoms

Besides the name atopic dermatitis often also that of atopic dermatitis, endogenous eczema, asthma, eczema for the chronic disease of the skin are used. Mistakenly they went in the 19th Century, assuming that a nerve inflammation would cause atopic dermatitis. Today is clearly clarified that this assumption is wrong. What are the causes for the outbreak of atopic eczema were responsible, even in the 21 Century are not yet definitively identified. However, it is assumed that the interaction of genetic factors, environmental factors and immunological changes in the onset of atopic dermatitis strongly share the responsibility. Mainly children of the Western industrial nations are affected by this skin disease. Remarkably, atopic dermatitis occurs in about 60 percent of those affected in the first year of life. With increasing age may reduce the symptoms. Sometimes they disappear completely. Within the treatment eczema primarily the main symptoms are treated like the red, scaly, and often weeping eczema on the skin. A strong itching and relapsing behavior are more important features of atopic dermatitis. Therefore, the external treatment by anti-inflammatory drugs in the foreground. Of course, the treatments are varied. In one hand eczema treatment are the severity of the symptoms and the other individual provocation factors in the center. Under provocation factors, the triggers, for example, are environmental factors, psychological factors like stress, food additives, animal hair or feathers, infections such as tonsillitis, or the simple scraping of clothing on the skin. Basically, the atopic dermatitis therapies are divided into external and internal treatment. Effectively treated by a special basic care of the skin is the lifeblood of the external treatment. Whether a therapy is initiated or do drugs with kortisonhaltigen kortisonfrei with calcineurin, a decision by the treating physician. The treatment by treatment with antihistamines and antibiotics is part of the internal treatment. In an acute attack usually the internal use of cortisone will help very quickly. In severe eczema help boost suppress substances such as cyclosporin A. This one Immunredaktion.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Treatment of hay fever

Many people today suffer from hay fever. Antihistamines can be a very good help against the typical symptoms. Antihistamines can be used for daily prevention and in acute discomfort. The allergic
Response is blocked by the action of histamine immediately. Eye drops or nasal sprays offer, if one has mostly through the eyes or nose symptoms. There are also good combination packs. Modernism, not tire making antihistamines can be taken once daily as a tablet, if it also itches in the throat.

The many preparations which there is a prescription to buy in the pharmacy, have proved very successful. Where insufficient active ingredients, should be held consultation with the doctor whether he should prescribe something stronger. He knows best, which medications are appropriate. When hay fever antihistamine use is a good solution, because the new drugs have side effects and hardly any free very quickly and reliably with allergies from his complaints.

But this is not the only treatment of hay fever. One way is to start two to three weeks before the pollen season with the use of mast cell. During the entire pollen season, nasal sprays or eye drops are applied four times a day every day. The preparations, however, relieve any acute symptoms. Through continuous use, take the mucous membranes no damage. This long-term treatment is also suitable for children. But of course, can be the treatment of hay fever with the desensitization or homeopathic products.

For very severe symptoms can occur during the treatment of hay fever in cortisone not be waived. With allergies, it still counts as the most effective drug. It is not only swelling but also the inflammation is controlled. By its side effects but it has been in the past often demonized. The was because it was used too long and too high doses. The new steroid preparations are very effective and almost free of side effects. Under medical supervision, therefore a short-term application is no obstacle.

Friday, June 11, 2010

What is in food intolerance symptoms

Five to seven percent of the population suffer from food allergies. For them, food is not always pleasure. Certain substances from the body are regarded as enemies. Typical symptoms of food intolerance can be just as in hay fever watery eyes, runny nose, asthma, and red, itchy skin areas.

Food allergies are not the same as food intolerance. When it comes to food allergies an immune response, which in a food intolerance is not the case. In food intolerance, it is not always easy, the cause of the disease be found, although precisely what is important.

Any food can cause an allergic reaction in principle. However, most shellfish, milk, fish, soybeans, wheat, egg, nuts and fruit and vegetables for the food intolerance responsible. There is food intolerance symptoms that occur immediately and there are those that manifest themselves only after a few days. For example, the acute swelling of face, lips and tongue, itching and swelling of mucous membranes with scratching in the mouth and throat area. Even coughing and shortness of breath, to asthma attacks can come with it. Enter immediately after eating severe reactions with skin reactions, hypotension and anaphylactic shock to so prompt treatment by a physician is necessary. An anaphylactic shock can be fatal untreated.

The best course is if you know what foods to be allergic to. Thus, as far as possible, the inclusion of the food to be avoided. Difficult it is, of course, if one component is present in foods of which we do not know. But you know, for example, that one is allergic to cow's milk products, you can alternatively rely on goat and sheep cheese. Too many to tolerate cow's milk allergy no soy. But this is precisely hidden in many foods, as it is used as thickening agents and binders. Must be because of intolerance to any waived consumption of dairy products, so the food must be added certain vitamins.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Alzheimer's and dementia suffer more members

In general, it is always so in diseases that affected the patient and the relatives can afford to give him courage and in a most difficult hour but very helpful contribution to the welfare of the patient can. Unlike this situation is stored in Alzheimer's and dementia. These diseases are often, and also still quite rightly, as "the diseases of the nationals", as the patient himself did not realize so much of what is happening around them. Alzheimer's and dementia are characterized by the fact that patients forget a great many things. This usually begins with the fact that the persons concerned at first only to forget where they put their keys or what they actually wanted to buy now. Relatively rapid strides forward, but this disease. Through a heart attack, for example, and that he was ever so "small", this disease is progressing in giant steps. Mostly it is also only the members that something seems not to vote correctly. Suddenly the family is no longer his number one or it seems the rules of decency in everyday life not really know and master. Alzheimer's and dementia can go in the final stages so far that the affected people simply forget to eat, drink and even breathe. What is for healthy people sometimes sounds absurd, has become a sad day for many members. They constantly have their uncle, their brother, their husband or their grandpa remember to drink something, because otherwise he would dehydrate. Many people try to maintain the patients at home, which can also manage really well. Help can then use these people, of course forever. And it is also not care to tackle, whether by nice family, stop by the times and with a little or a so-called ambulatory care service, which monitors the correct tablets or perhaps is also the one or the other syringe. But it is clear that one can not continuously maintain throughout the year only one man. A short-term care can eliminate this problem. They can bridge the period, if the carer fails due to holidays or illness once. Such short-term care is created if only for the duration of the failure, then the patient comes back home in their familiar surroundings.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Use of nasal spray for allergy provides relief

May use if allergy nasal spray provide effective relief. Hardly beginning of spring, the horror begins for Allergy time. Sneezing, red eyes and a runny or stuffy nose are typical symptoms. All others are pleased with the spring or summer and move their activities out again, but this time with allergies are often linked to the house. Sometimes even with the windows closed. Many drugs which there are now will make life easier for allergy sufferers.

A distinction is made here between local and internal use. Nose drops, nasal spray and eye drops are in the group of local application. may use if allergy nasal spray to help. A nasal spray for allergy nasal decongestant makes the back and allows the free breath. A common component of the cromolyn sodium nasal spray. The use of nasal spray for allergies, however, is controversial. If you want to not resort to a nasal allergy spray to also be done with isotonic saline nasal rinse one. Thus, the allergy-causing substances washed from the nose and the breath is again relieved.

The magazine "Öko-test" is examined nasal sprays and in this study found that a preservative contained in some of these drugs. These substances can themselves trigger allergies. However, the preservatives can be avoided by checking the exact declaration.

Many of the drugs to treat allergy can you buy over the counter in pharmacies. If the symptoms are so bad, however, that these drugs no longer help the doctor has prescribed a drug that has a higher dosage. In very bad cases, the physician may prescribe a cortisone preparation. The new steroid preparations have almost no side more, but are very effective and suitable for short term use very well. Through its decongestant and anti-inflammatory effects, it is still the most effective medication for allergies. However, it is often demonized. This is because it occurred in the past to many side effects caused by too long and too high a dosage.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Allergy and Asthma Clinic is gaining importance

Asthma and allergies have become a long time for widespread disease in all industrial countries. Just asthma can be for affected persons to torture. Not only that physical activity is possible only with caution, even without any physical exertion can lead to asthma attacks. Some asthmatics even the slightest excitement is enough to trigger an asthma attack. So it is especially important for asthmatics to establish a stable environment and to ensure an emotional balance. The more asthma and allergies increase, the more important is a competent treatment often is not as easy as outsiders think. Especially the stay in an allergy and asthma clinic to those affected a whole lot to help the asthma, at least largely to get a grip. Asthma attacks can sometimes be hazardous and so interested parties need to quickly respond to inhalers during an attack can be quickly and to supply enough oxygen to.

Often supplied spare patients the course in an allergy and asthma clinic, because they think that the doctor they have enough medication and inhalers have and you just can not do more. But time and again must be noted that asthma patients are set to medications that are tailored not ideal for the existing expression of asthma. Just asthma requires treatment of an individual and an individual setting with drugs. Too high a dosage of a drug does not have any direct impact, but the body used to it. Because asthma patients should suffer a life-long asthma, therefore, always the ideal dose is adjusted over the years because it generally requires an increase in dosage or it must be a shift to a stronger drug. In allergy and asthma clinic, patients receive an ideal service around and it will specifically address the individual circumstances in order to explore what triggers asthma attacks there. The better trained an asthma patient on his or her personal illness becomes, the higher the quality of life, for only then can risks be deliberately avoided.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cause of atopic dermatitis has not yet been resolved

When eczema is atopic eczema. This is a skin disease that manifests itself through different symptoms. The symptoms include for example the sensitive skin and severe itching. On the skin shows a reddish skin rash. Mostly the face is affected. But even in arm and leg curls, the red and itchy patches occur frequently. Of course, occasionally, other areas of skin may be affected.
The cause of atopic dermatitis but could still be resolved is not yet clear. Time and again, this disease will be examined. But scientists are still puzzled. Mainly, it is assumed that the cause of eczema is found in the genetic predisposition. This means that the investment will be transferred to this skin disease from parents to children. But this does not necessarily mean that those who suffer, bear the investment in itself, even in atopic dermatitis. After the outbreak of this skin disease also take other aspects of their part. It may, for example, by external influences from the environment to the outbreak of the disease. These include diet or allergic reactions to certain substances. Especially when someone anyway under very sensitive skin suffers and bears the investment in itself, can lead to the outbreak.
The cause of atopic dermatitis has not yet been addressed properly, it is also difficult to find a suitable treatment. It must be clear however, that the eczema can not be cured. Nevertheless, different treatments alleviate the symptoms for a longer period. Often, it is also possible to eliminate the symptoms for a period of time completely. But in the long run this is not possible.
Patients with atopic dermatitis are usually supplied by the doctor with cortisone preparations. These are usually used in ointment form. One way of supporting the treatment of atopic dermatitis is homeopathy. While conventional medicine refers only to the disease-related symptoms, homeopathy is the atopic dermatitis, the body considered the patient as a whole. So you can be more responsive to the suffering and to obtain relief for a longer period. With some funds from the eczema homeopathy are possible for many who suffer in any case

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It can result from allergic asthma

The symptoms of allergies and hay fever are generally very cumbersome and develop into a genuine public health issue. Watery eyes or a stuffy nose are typical symptoms of asthma but can also result from allergy. Approximately one in ten children and one in twenty adults are involved in bronchial asthma. In children, asthma can be prevented by parents of allergy by a few simple things to be respected. For example, no diet should be taken during pregnancy. A balanced and nutritious diet is important because malnutrition increases the subsequent risk of allergy and asthma in children. Tobacco smoke is another risk for allergies, because the lung growth is disturbed. And there are still many more things to be aware of the parents to proactively protect their children in advance.

The diagnosis was made asthma is the asthma treatment to the doctor no problem. When asthma is the respiratory muscles tense and the mucous membrane of the bronchi swells considerably. Tough mucus demonstrates the respiratory tract. The breathing is in particularly bad cases almost impossible.

The asthma treatment reduces these days, most asthma sufferers, only a little. On the average life expectancy of asthma has become so good as no influence. The patient can live an almost normal life, if the asthma is identified early enough, since the treatment usually does very well. To expand the bronchial tubes and allow the breath again, there are many asthma sprays. Often also be used with cortisone sprays. They reduce swelling and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. The doctor weighed precisely for asthma treatment, which drugs are prescribed and are the right ones. A combination of a cortisone spray and a bronchodilator spray is also often prescribed.

A whistling in the chest and shortness of breath are common symptoms. But you could still start from a cold. If, however, the whistling and coughing repeatedly and from the shortness of breath, a breath, then one can assume that it is asthma. The final diagnosis can be made by a doctor.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cortisone is very effective against hay fever

Hardly begins in the spring or the summer begins, the nightmare time for allergy sufferers. Be tied to the house, often even with the windows closed and the most beautiful weather. Constantly burning, itchy, red eyes, a runny or stuffy nose, sometimes violent sneezing attacks and a scratchy throat. The most beautiful blooms hay fever due to a malfunction in the immune system. Substances that are harmless, are at once regarded as enemies of the defense and combat. While all the other move their activities into the open with allergies are housebound.

There are now several drugs on the market that will give the Allergiegeplagten for hay fever relief. In the pharmacy, many of these preparations are available without a prescription. A distinction between local and internal use. The local preparations, for example, nasal sprays, eye drops and ointments. Tablets, juice or capsules are for internal application. Of course you can also try alternative methods to get the hay fever under control. One possibility would be to desensitization.

For complaints, the bad prescription drugs from the pharmacy are often not more and the doctor must prescribe steroids for hayfever. If the nose is congested particularly bad often helps a cortisone nasal spray because it does subside, the nose quickly and again provides free breathing. The patient shortly after the application of a considerable relief. It also has anti-inflammatory. However, this is a general feature of cortisone. Corticosteroids for hay fever is a good alternative to the long term bring an improvement. The doctor prescribed a steroid nasal spray, you can safely use the, because for a short-term use of cortisone preparations are well suited for hay fever. The new steroids are very effective and have almost no side effects more. administered from the time when old drugs in excessive doses over too long a period, which is commonly low opinion of cortisone.

In the course of pregnancy must be dealt carefully with cortisone. However, in an asthma attack, which may arise from hay fever, is much more dangerous for the baby's oxygen supply is given in this case the drugs are preferred