Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Alzheimer's and dementia suffer more members

In general, it is always so in diseases that affected the patient and the relatives can afford to give him courage and in a most difficult hour but very helpful contribution to the welfare of the patient can. Unlike this situation is stored in Alzheimer's and dementia. These diseases are often, and also still quite rightly, as "the diseases of the nationals", as the patient himself did not realize so much of what is happening around them. Alzheimer's and dementia are characterized by the fact that patients forget a great many things. This usually begins with the fact that the persons concerned at first only to forget where they put their keys or what they actually wanted to buy now. Relatively rapid strides forward, but this disease. Through a heart attack, for example, and that he was ever so "small", this disease is progressing in giant steps. Mostly it is also only the members that something seems not to vote correctly. Suddenly the family is no longer his number one or it seems the rules of decency in everyday life not really know and master. Alzheimer's and dementia can go in the final stages so far that the affected people simply forget to eat, drink and even breathe. What is for healthy people sometimes sounds absurd, has become a sad day for many members. They constantly have their uncle, their brother, their husband or their grandpa remember to drink something, because otherwise he would dehydrate. Many people try to maintain the patients at home, which can also manage really well. Help can then use these people, of course forever. And it is also not care to tackle, whether by nice family, stop by the times and with a little or a so-called ambulatory care service, which monitors the correct tablets or perhaps is also the one or the other syringe. But it is clear that one can not continuously maintain throughout the year only one man. A short-term care can eliminate this problem. They can bridge the period, if the carer fails due to holidays or illness once. Such short-term care is created if only for the duration of the failure, then the patient comes back home in their familiar surroundings.

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