Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lawyers For Personal Injuries From Austin

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Experience of the Chairman

H Mrs Maria Rebecca is a former chairman of the Municipal Department of Chariessas Anthemion.Mia very strong presence in the political arena with a ratio of expression apopsi.Apo information we gather is a very sweet and modest koritsi.Malista when she asked permission to write a text that told us with absolute humility that you do not need just because there logos.O Ieropatoros but feels the need to raise such humble people who decorate their social life topou.Mr. Rahul heartfelt wishes you good luck and quick return in politics


The World Day Eleftherotypia established at the initiative of the World Association of Newspapers (RIP) and since 1993, celebrated annually on May 4 to commemorate the Declaration of Windhoek, a press freedom appeal signed by African journalists in 1991 for free, independent and pluralistic PM E.
The World Day Eleftherotypia reminds us of the importance of protecting the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and press freedom as guaranteed by Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of UN, but also by our Constitution. Without these two fundamental rights, the Republic is empty