Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cortisone is very effective against hay fever

Hardly begins in the spring or the summer begins, the nightmare time for allergy sufferers. Be tied to the house, often even with the windows closed and the most beautiful weather. Constantly burning, itchy, red eyes, a runny or stuffy nose, sometimes violent sneezing attacks and a scratchy throat. The most beautiful blooms hay fever due to a malfunction in the immune system. Substances that are harmless, are at once regarded as enemies of the defense and combat. While all the other move their activities into the open with allergies are housebound.

There are now several drugs on the market that will give the Allergiegeplagten for hay fever relief. In the pharmacy, many of these preparations are available without a prescription. A distinction between local and internal use. The local preparations, for example, nasal sprays, eye drops and ointments. Tablets, juice or capsules are for internal application. Of course you can also try alternative methods to get the hay fever under control. One possibility would be to desensitization.

For complaints, the bad prescription drugs from the pharmacy are often not more and the doctor must prescribe steroids for hayfever. If the nose is congested particularly bad often helps a cortisone nasal spray because it does subside, the nose quickly and again provides free breathing. The patient shortly after the application of a considerable relief. It also has anti-inflammatory. However, this is a general feature of cortisone. Corticosteroids for hay fever is a good alternative to the long term bring an improvement. The doctor prescribed a steroid nasal spray, you can safely use the, because for a short-term use of cortisone preparations are well suited for hay fever. The new steroids are very effective and have almost no side effects more. administered from the time when old drugs in excessive doses over too long a period, which is commonly low opinion of cortisone.

In the course of pregnancy must be dealt carefully with cortisone. However, in an asthma attack, which may arise from hay fever, is much more dangerous for the baby's oxygen supply is given in this case the drugs are preferred