Monday, June 7, 2010

Use of nasal spray for allergy provides relief

May use if allergy nasal spray provide effective relief. Hardly beginning of spring, the horror begins for Allergy time. Sneezing, red eyes and a runny or stuffy nose are typical symptoms. All others are pleased with the spring or summer and move their activities out again, but this time with allergies are often linked to the house. Sometimes even with the windows closed. Many drugs which there are now will make life easier for allergy sufferers.

A distinction is made here between local and internal use. Nose drops, nasal spray and eye drops are in the group of local application. may use if allergy nasal spray to help. A nasal spray for allergy nasal decongestant makes the back and allows the free breath. A common component of the cromolyn sodium nasal spray. The use of nasal spray for allergies, however, is controversial. If you want to not resort to a nasal allergy spray to also be done with isotonic saline nasal rinse one. Thus, the allergy-causing substances washed from the nose and the breath is again relieved.

The magazine "├ľko-test" is examined nasal sprays and in this study found that a preservative contained in some of these drugs. These substances can themselves trigger allergies. However, the preservatives can be avoided by checking the exact declaration.

Many of the drugs to treat allergy can you buy over the counter in pharmacies. If the symptoms are so bad, however, that these drugs no longer help the doctor has prescribed a drug that has a higher dosage. In very bad cases, the physician may prescribe a cortisone preparation. The new steroid preparations have almost no side more, but are very effective and suitable for short term use very well. Through its decongestant and anti-inflammatory effects, it is still the most effective medication for allergies. However, it is often demonized. This is because it occurred in the past to many side effects caused by too long and too high a dosage.