Friday, May 6, 2011

Valuable Management Software

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Check The Hidden Sugar

Check hidden sugar. Sugar is so prevalent in processed foods that most people do not know how much they consume. Look for ingredients that end in «ose» or "ozi", which is the chemical name for sugar. For example, when you see fructose or sucrose as an ingredient is sugar. Try to reduce the 'hidden' sugar in canned fruit in syrup, in condiments such as ketchup and salad dressings and yogurt products in diabetes.

Activated. Instead of a sweet taste, prefer to walk for 10 minutes. This will distract you from the sweet wish and will offer you the benefits of exercise. Never too late to begin with any form of exercise you are attracted. Exercise helps the production of chemicals in the brain that create the same feeling of wellness is generated after eating sugar. In this effort, you can lose the pounds you get from your addiction to sugar.

How to kick the Sugar

This is not surprising given that sugar is that it stimulates the wellness centers in the brain and affects of stress hormones in such a way as to reduce temporarily the stress and tension. But the consumption of large quantities of sugar is associated with significant health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and other disorders of the cardiovascular system. How then would limit this "bad" habits.
Step 1
Start by removing processed foods have much sugar from your kitchen. Create menu includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, pure proteins and whole grains. A healthy, balanced diet should keep you eat and limit your need for sugar. Include drinking water in your daily life, to give you a feeling of fullness when you think you want to eat something sweet. Choose, healthy snacks, such as walnuts or almonds or even some milk which is good and contain protein and healthy fat.
Step 2
Eat several, small meals. Instead of one or two large meals a day, eat four or five young. Each meal includes a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats. This helps stabilize blood sugar levels and to avoid intense hunger that makes you particularly want something sweet. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, so not tempted to eat a snack high in sugar in the afternoon. Try yogurt with low fat or vegetable butter on whole wheat crackers.