Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Urticaria in children

Urticaria in children comes from a skin reaction that has lead to a hypersensitivity to certain substances back. Hives can also occur in children because of certain disease states. Itchy, red swellings or welts, called wheals that develop in all parts of the body, are generated. The hives can occur in bursts or unique. The organism is in an existing free-intolerance to the substance histamine and other irritating substances, when the child comes into contact with certain allergens. The blood vessels of the skin to be extended due to the histamine, the vessels give off liquid. This collects in the skin and leads to the hives.

Likewise, by infection with certain pathogens may be the histamine secretion. Even a local irritation can contribute provocative. By cold, heat, pressure effect, chemical substances, plant or animal toxins may cause local irritation. Most of the hives in children begins with an itch. The so-called nettles, or hives occur after a short time. You can vary from very small to large areas of skin-related parts of the skin. Attacks the hives in children's face, eyelids and lips may swell.

Often, the hives disappear after a short time, but they can occur in phases at any time. The doctor can see the typical skin symptoms immediately. However, it is not always easy to find the cause. May be helpful to write down the previous activities, medication and nutrition of the child. Can also be identified with different skin test possible allergic cause. If the cause is unknown, the focus of treatment to relieve the itching and swelling. For example, can also help cool compresses. But if you have a cold-hives, of course.