Thursday, April 29, 2010

Widespread Sleep Disorder - Sleep Disorder Causes

One in five people suffer from sleep disorder worldwide. In women, sleep disorder occurs more often as in men. The causes can be very different. Psychogenic sleep disorders are remarkably high and the number is growing. People today are more charged than in the past. You are stressed out have any fear of job feed, is wrong or have health problems that can rob one of sleep.
What to do with sleep disorder - sleep disorder tips to avoid

Other substances such as, excessive alcohol consumption, more than a glass of red wine or beer, promote sleep, since the body is concerned with the reduction of the alcohol. For certain drugs was listed as side effects, sleep disorder. Although sleep disturbance is seen as a possible side effect, but if the drugs caffeine, in pain and flu remedies containing substances ephedrine or theophylline, especially in cough medicines available, including appetite suppressants or fat burner can cause you suffer from sleep disorders. In such cases you should consult a doctor to find out the causes. The hearing will remain active even when one is asleep. Sounds are recorded and are reported to the central nervous system. The restful sleep is restless, when the volume reaches a certain level. The effects of sleepless nights can be triggered by fatigue, irritability, concentration problems, memory problems, high blood pressure or depression. The performance remains on track.

First, the room temperature should be controlled in the sleeping area. A heated bedrooms can sleep, impair negative if it is too warm. The room should not be too warm or too cold. Before going to bed should be abandoned in sporting activities, fatty foods, alcohol, coffee or black tea. You should only go to bed when you are really tired. In bed, you should not smoke, read or work. One should be careful in time to go to bed before you fall asleep at the couch. No nap, or if they do, only an hour and not after 15 clock. It should be caused in space, nothing is what noise.