Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Potential treatment of atopic dermatitis

Among called atopic dermatitis, including atopic dermatitis, defined as a chronic inflammatory skin reaction that occurs in recurring bouts. The disease often begins in childhood. Neurodermatitis (baby and toddler) is caused by environmental influences, but mostly lies but also from a genetic predisposition. Psychological factors, as well as numerous environmental agents can cause the atopic dermatitis relapses. There is even today a treatment that can cure the disease completely. The symptoms can be reduced significantly with an atopic dermatitis treatment. Atopic dermatitis patients have a very dry skin, which has a deficiency in certain skin fats. The skin can hold less moisture it peels easily and has a rough skin surface. The skin loses its important function as a barrier against various environmental substances and bacteria. The scaly skin inflamed, have redness. There may be bubbles. An almost unbearable itching is the main symptom of atopic dermatitis. The scratching can introduce more germs and even worsen symptoms.
The eczema treatment should be implemented in each case by a doctor

An eczema treatment is possible only in relation to the symptoms. In most cases you must spend a lot of patience. Especially with the young patients is an appeasement of the itch caused by atopic dermatitis (baby and toddler) the first priority. This may kortisonhaltige ointments or antihistamines may be used. In most patients, a topical treatment is sufficient for the painful symptoms in the handle to get. In severe cases of disease anti-inflammatory drugs are administered internally. It is important to avoid all factors that can trigger eczema relapses or irritate the skin. Atopic dermatitis is often coupled with an allergy to certain substances. These include house dust mites but also pollen. Neurodermatitis's best to wear clothes made of cotton, since they can react to wool or synthetic strong. Fragrances in washing liquids, as well as in detergents can also cause an eczema thrust.