Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hay fever and cough

No sooner does the spring, has also come of hay fever. For those with allergies starts again the bad times. Eyes, nose and throat are affected. The nose is clogged or running, burning eyes, watering itchy, and are flushed. Then come to some violent sneezing attacks. And hay fever and cough occur also like in combination. So that's all there! Many allergy sufferers are at this time tied to the house, often even with the windows closed. While all the other leisure time activities like moving back into the open the allergiegeplagten people prefer to hide. An allergy is a type of short circuit. Substances that are harmless really be regarded as enemies by the immune system and fight.

But of course helps the doctor. The doctor may do an allergy test to find out which allergens for hay fever and cough are responsible. He can also determine appropriate therapy and eye, nose and throat thereby provide relief. During the entire pollen season must be carried out the treatment. Even on rainy days should be no break in treatment, because the fly here, although weaker, but still present.

Depending on the amount of complaints can keep the antihistamine allergy histamine in check. Shall, as already for relief. In severe conditions it is possibly a cortisone preparation is a must. Also acupuncture can help to get the hay fever under control. Through the acupuncture needles set in the right places can be reached to strengthen the lungs and the nasal mucosa is freed from itching.

A nasal spray can relieve nasal hay fever-stricken. It makes the nasal decongestant and allows the free breath. The application is however not without controversy, as some of these medicines contain a preservative that can themselves trigger allergies. This has resulted in the magazine "├ľko-Test" in an investigation. Checked However the exact declaration so the preservatives are avoided. The eyes can be trusted for conjunctivitis with eye drops.