Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleep disorders in children are not rare

Like all people even young children can be affected with sleep problems. Sleep disorders in young children may have different causes. For example, physical discomfort, such as digestive problems, or the teeth, leading to sleep problems. But often there are irregularities in the daily routines that lead to this problem. Frequent change of place, no fixed bedtimes, exciting experiences or similar reasons can lead to sleep disorders. However, mental stress can be the trigger. Infants have a very fine feeling for the atmosphere within the family.

Depression can be the result of problems in the family environment, which in turn lead to insomnia. Infants can also tend to result from organic disease to insomnia. Chronic diseases such as asthma, allergies, or painful inflammation also contribute to a disturbed sleep rhythm. Often, even a properly functioning not sleep-wake rhythm of the reason for the disturbance. This disturbance of the sleep-wake rhythm is age-related and decreases with increasing brain maturity.

Infant sleep disorders: Sleep disorders in infants can be distinguished by symptoms

For sleep disturbances in young children can distinguish between A and staying asleep, and parasomnias. Of parasomnias is called when the night terrors and sleep walking. Sleepwalking happens in deep sleep, night terrors during the first night. When frightened or sleeping babies and parents continue over a longer time, a pediatrician should be consulted. If medical reasons can be ruled out and it is a and staying asleep and often have simple means to help eliminate the problems. First, one should note the daily routine of the infant order to detect any errors.

It may be helpful if you fixed regular bedtimes, exciting activities to avoid in the evening, dinner is not administered too late and reduced nighttime feedings. When the environment radiates calm the infant is the security it needs for a restful sleep. Rituals, so repetitive actions, give the infant safety.