Thursday, May 20, 2010

Many parents are often perplexed by the nursery and ask themselves why their child is suffering from sleep disorder toddler. Newborns do not have day and night rhythm, which causes them to any time of day, just waking up and crying. Babies are only awake when they want to be wrapped or only to feed. With increasing age, sections are getting bigger, so they slowly start staying asleep. There are many children who make this transition not quite. These children wake their parents, usually up to kindergarten age, several times in the night and want something. In particular, when the children falling asleep, and sleep with the parent's bed or can not sleep through. Among pediatricians, this reaction is the "regulatory disorder" known. In addition to a parent-child therapy, is because parents, firm Einschlafrituale recommended.

There are at toddler sleep disorders are other causes should keep in mind - sleep disorder baby

Infant sleep disorders can usually with the help of such therapies and rituals to resolve quickly. For sleep disturbances infant should be a fixed time for sleeping and a little bedtime story. Also the starting of small nightlight would make sense, because the children feel more comfortable thereby. These rituals should not be broken, even if you are on vacation or visiting has. Infant sleep disorder can have other causes. For example, if a child has a cold and has a fever or pain, if it has a bloated or if it gets teeth. Here one can only persuade the child well and just stay with him until it fell asleep.

There are a lot of reasons why children can not sleep. You may experience falling asleep, staying asleep, early awakening nightmares, sleep walking or below. To sleep problems, children in Exremfällen not sleep for hours and wish to be employed. This can be very nerve-wracking for the parents, even if we sometimes want to spend some time together. Here it is advisable to persuade the child well and read a story. Sometimes even a stuffed animal to sleep helps the. In Durchschlafproblemen watch children in the middle of the night and wake their parents, without a valid reason, such as thirst or urination. Time and again, lie down, even if a self-consuming sleep

Itching scalp itching skin can have many causes

Pruritus doctors call the uncomfortable feeling on the skin, itching may cause both harmless and have quite serious diseases show. Skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, or inflammation of external call, often show severe itching. However, this can also be indication of internal diseases. Metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or liver disorders often manifest themselves by itching, it can also occur as an undesirable side effect of taking medication.

Other triggers that the skin causes itching:

Even allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies or fungi, and mites can be triggers for a severe itching. Scalp, the very itching, can be irritated by a shampoo-incompatibility. Also shed can cause itching. Parasites such as head lice or fleas, can lead to an almost intolerable itching. The causes can be manifold. Therefore, a medical evaluation, if the problem is more than a month and no overt causes such as insect bites recognizable, desirable in any case. A particular vicious circle created by the automatic response to the itching, namely, the scratching. By scratching movements of itching for a short time is neutralized, however, on strong scratching often follows an infection and inflammation of the skin. Itching can draw in this manner painful and dangerous complications after when entering bacteria and germs in the open scratching posts. It is very important, therefore, to find out as soon as possible causes, allergy testing can provide information on any food and contact allergies. From laboratory studies to clarify the possibility of internal diseases, which may also cause painful itching.

Scalp which itches and is tight, be caused by excessive scaling, to aggressive or incompatible cleaning and maintenance products, or by great mental stress. Often a self-help, especially in severe itching involves a change of hair care products such as shampoo, bath products and lotions. Even an incompatible detergent can cause itching on the skin. If, however, no improvement, going to the doctor is important in order to obtain information the causes.