Friday, March 25, 2011

Lawsuit For Cold Therapy

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Hrithik Routine Diet

Hrithik has no dietary restrictions.
He does not have milk or dairy products, but it shows particular tastes for chocolate.
It has a chocolate protein shake daily as recommended by his instructor.
He never skips breakfast.
He does not drink, but when the occasion demands, he chose Bacardi with Coca-Cola.
It has a sweet tooth and if he likes sweets. But at the same time, it controls excessive indulgence.
It restricts consumption of oil, ghee, butter and fatty stuff.
He is careful to drink plenty of water daily.
It takes away from alcohol and cigarettes.

Hrithik Routine Training

Hrithik does not do daily training sessions. Instead, it limits the sessions of four to five days a week.
It contributes to an hour in the morning and evening for one hour workouts at a gym in Juhu.
It combines strength training with cardiovascular exercises twice a week.
He tries to find time to do cardio (jogging and jumping) for three times a week in the middle of his busy schedule.
He began the workouts right at 6 am and starts jogging.
It attaches great importance to certain body parts. It exercises specially designed for each part.
He reveals that he does not depend on supplements to boost the muscles.
When traveling, it carries with it significant pressure traction machines he uses, even if on a flight. He used a vacuum press to set the camera on a flat surface. Pulling the handle causes his biceps. He applies the same process for the legs too. It also carries dumbbells with him by going on a ride.