Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Treatment of hay fever

Many people today suffer from hay fever. Antihistamines can be a very good help against the typical symptoms. Antihistamines can be used for daily prevention and in acute discomfort. The allergic
Response is blocked by the action of histamine immediately. Eye drops or nasal sprays offer, if one has mostly through the eyes or nose symptoms. There are also good combination packs. Modernism, not tire making antihistamines can be taken once daily as a tablet, if it also itches in the throat.

The many preparations which there is a prescription to buy in the pharmacy, have proved very successful. Where insufficient active ingredients, should be held consultation with the doctor whether he should prescribe something stronger. He knows best, which medications are appropriate. When hay fever antihistamine use is a good solution, because the new drugs have side effects and hardly any free very quickly and reliably with allergies from his complaints.

But this is not the only treatment of hay fever. One way is to start two to three weeks before the pollen season with the use of mast cell. During the entire pollen season, nasal sprays or eye drops are applied four times a day every day. The preparations, however, relieve any acute symptoms. Through continuous use, take the mucous membranes no damage. This long-term treatment is also suitable for children. But of course, can be the treatment of hay fever with the desensitization or homeopathic products.

For very severe symptoms can occur during the treatment of hay fever in cortisone not be waived. With allergies, it still counts as the most effective drug. It is not only swelling but also the inflammation is controlled. By its side effects but it has been in the past often demonized. The was because it was used too long and too high doses. The new steroid preparations are very effective and almost free of side effects. Under medical supervision, therefore a short-term application is no obstacle.

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