Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Atopic dermatitis therapy significantly alleviates symptoms

Besides the name atopic dermatitis often also that of atopic dermatitis, endogenous eczema, asthma, eczema for the chronic disease of the skin are used. Mistakenly they went in the 19th Century, assuming that a nerve inflammation would cause atopic dermatitis. Today is clearly clarified that this assumption is wrong. What are the causes for the outbreak of atopic eczema were responsible, even in the 21 Century are not yet definitively identified. However, it is assumed that the interaction of genetic factors, environmental factors and immunological changes in the onset of atopic dermatitis strongly share the responsibility. Mainly children of the Western industrial nations are affected by this skin disease. Remarkably, atopic dermatitis occurs in about 60 percent of those affected in the first year of life. With increasing age may reduce the symptoms. Sometimes they disappear completely. Within the treatment eczema primarily the main symptoms are treated like the red, scaly, and often weeping eczema on the skin. A strong itching and relapsing behavior are more important features of atopic dermatitis. Therefore, the external treatment by anti-inflammatory drugs in the foreground. Of course, the treatments are varied. In one hand eczema treatment are the severity of the symptoms and the other individual provocation factors in the center. Under provocation factors, the triggers, for example, are environmental factors, psychological factors like stress, food additives, animal hair or feathers, infections such as tonsillitis, or the simple scraping of clothing on the skin. Basically, the atopic dermatitis therapies are divided into external and internal treatment. Effectively treated by a special basic care of the skin is the lifeblood of the external treatment. Whether a therapy is initiated or do drugs with kortisonhaltigen kortisonfrei with calcineurin, a decision by the treating physician. The treatment by treatment with antihistamines and antibiotics is part of the internal treatment. In an acute attack usually the internal use of cortisone will help very quickly. In severe eczema help boost suppress substances such as cyclosporin A. This one Immunredaktion.

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