Saturday, June 19, 2010

Atopic children can mean constant stress

Your baby is crying and can sleep through the night, because the skin is so itchy. It is red and has scaly and sometimes oozing eczema. It is an atopic dermatitis. Scabbing and itching are typical symptoms children. The baby scratch and scratch again and again. Sometimes the skin is scratched even bloody. Bacteria penetrate into the wound one, they can cause purulent skin infections. The concern for the child and the lack of sleep impact of many parents. Atopic children mean duration of stress.

The chronic, inflammatory skin disease is not contagious occurs in half of patients on in the first months of life. Until the enrollment can occur a significant reduction. In about four out of five children, there is a chance that the eczema disappears after puberty. Does the disease exist, can cause asthma and allergic rhinitis added aggravating. Approximately one in six girls and one in six young children in Germany are atopic dermatitis. The children show symptoms are probably due to a congenital predisposition. With consistent treatment, the disease can get well under control. Patients and their families can lead normal lives without major complaints. Key to the success of the treatment is that parents understand the disease and atopic children and actively participate in treatment. Atopic children should be overprotected by no means. Families in which atopic dermatitis occurs already for generations, can take steps to prevent the disease. Women should not smoke during pregnancy, adopt the baby after the birth of at least six months of breast-feeding and complementary feeding until the child is six months old. It should also be avoided allergenic foods in the first two years of life. These include egg, fish and nuts. Cheap holiday destinations are the mountains and the sea. Farm is not recommended.

Eczema is not curable but treatable. To trigger factors, e.g. Food intolerance, to realize it needs much work and effort. Both the doctor and the atopic children. However, often only the symptoms of children and to combat the causes studiously overlooked. Many German cities have support groups and training for parents.

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