Monday, August 2, 2010

Cetirizine for hay fever is a good solution

While most people rejoice when spring comes, will start for the allergy suffering. Burning red, watery eyes, stuffy or runny nose and sneezing make some violent activities, especially outdoors, almost impossible. Keep well clear of most windows closed in the house is hot in this period. Meanwhile, there are many hay fever drugs provide relief. A distinction is made here between internal and external modes of action. The internal count tablets or capsules. For example, preparations containing the active ingredient ceterizine. When to use hay fever cetirizine is a good solution, as these modern hay fever preparations do not seem tired and still outstanding. The effect is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic. If hay fever is to use cetirizine even to lead a nearly symptom-free life and do all what we can to have fun - even outdoors.

There are different sizes. If you try the drug until times like you can buy a pack of seven tablets in the pharmacy. The next package size is 20 pieces. Coming along well with the drug and I know that we take it for a long time you have to be competitive with the 100 pieces package cetirizine advantage. Also it is running with the pack of 100 pieces cetirizine not as quick to stand without danger of hay fever medication.

However, it must be said also to be used in very bad that complaints must cortisone. Hay fever is a very serious disease because Folgeerkranken like asthma can develop it. In any case, the physician should be sought, as best he can advise and suggest the appropriate therapy. He can also make an allergy test to determine what is the triggering substance. And that can be many. Grasses, pollen, fungal spores, animal hair or dust mites are in question here. Also many a patient reacts to food. A kind of short circuit in the immune system is responsible for hay fever. Substances that are actually harmless, are classified as enemies and are opposed by the defense. It can be dangerous to try to get over the hay fever medizinfrei time and should therefore not be considered.

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