Monday, August 2, 2010

Best hay fever drug

Often hay fever for a true nightmare begins when most people are happy about the spring and summer. In most cases, allergies to hide this time in the house, often even with the windows closed. The annoying symptoms are always the same: tearing, burning, itchy, red eyes, runny or stuffy noses, sore throats, sometimes violent sneezing attacks. There is quite a lot of hay fever medications which provide the Allergiegeplagten some relief. Which can be described as the best hay fever medication, depends on the patient. What counts for one as the best hay fever medicine can be quite wrong for the other degree.

For different symptoms can be used with various anti-allergic drugs. There is a distinction between local and internal use. Tablets or juice, for example, are for internal use. An anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect is given for these drugs. However, attention should be paid to the use of modern drugs, since this does not make you tired. The pharmacist can advise and pick out the correct preparation.

Acute, minor ailments can use nose drops, for example, provide for a blocked nose, such as those used for colds, relief. Eye drops for conjunctivitis in the short term can help with reddened eyes. Homeopathic medicines can be used for the prevention and treatment as well as calcium tablets. Also, eye drops or a nasal spray containing the active ingredient cromolyn sodium are used. Sometimes, however, extends the dosage of the active ingredient in the prescription drugs are not and you have to leave his medication prescribed by a physician. The hay fever prescribed medications have a higher dosage.

Unfortunately, there is not a panacea or universal prescription for the treatment of hay fever. When taking calcium hay fever treatment can successfully support. When it comes to allergies, the use of calcium is less well known. If you want to use for hay fever can calcium supplements can very well resort to h salts.

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