Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Affected by hair loss? Hormones are often guilt

The human hair follows a three to five years of growth. After a transition phase, which lasts two weeks, the hair root shrinks and the hair is after a rest period, which lasts three to four months, disgusted. Then begins a new phase of growth. A healthy adult human being has 100000-150000 hair. All hairs go through this period of growth before they fail. From a pathological loss of hair - almost always with hormones play a major role - is when canceled more than 100 hairs per day, or lost. In men but also women, however, takes the hair density decreases with age. The hair becomes thinner and have less dense.

Hair Loss - hormones in women play large role

More and more women are affected by an abnormal loss of hair. The causes of hair loss in women can be: stress, hormonal changes, heredity and poor diet. Many women suffer from hair loss during menopause. Hormones are the causes. But even women who are pregnant or women who have just given birth to a child may be affected by hair loss. There are also women who are following the discontinuation of the contraceptive pill affects of hair loss. Hormones play a big role in all cases.

The influence of hormones on the hair is very large. Hormones are chemical messengers in the body and have multiple duties. They also influence the length of the hair cycle and the proliferative activity of the hair follicle. The hormones have an effect on the hair growth of the individual. This results in hair loss in women easily - changing hormones in the body and the effect of changes to the hair itself. Especially for hair loss after menopause is: the total hormonal changes, the production of female hormones decreases and the proportion of male hormones rises sharply. There may be a permanent increase in hair loss - hormones are the cause -.

There are good opportunities for treatment and therapy options are there for women who suffer from hair loss. Hormones can be taken by drugs act directly or through special hair tonic or tonic on the scalp. Who is affected by a hormonally induced hair loss should seek in any case, accurate information on treatment options and treatment opportunities.

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