Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hair loss: hair falls out, what to do?

Everyone has approximately 100,000 individual hairs. Among these are daily from about 50-100, but these hairs are replaced by new hair. But there are people whose hair much fail in greater numbers than usual. The causes can vary, often play medicines, lack of hormones, diseases, and also a false hair a large role in hair loss. Hair on the head grows constantly and there are also always new hair. There is also a hereditary hair loss. Hair falls out only in certain areas of hair or only on the skull. This hereditary hair loss is caused by the steroid hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Thus, this hair loss is genetic.

Causes for hair loss - hair on the head is less

For men, it often happens that they are suffering from androgenetic alopecia one. Usually you can observe this phenomenon in the immediate family already. This hair loss begins at the forehead and temples. It created the so-called receding hairline. It is in this type of hair loss - hair becomes thinner and begins to fail - a lot of different medications and solutions that can either be taken or applied directly to the scalp. All drugs have in common is that the effect of DHT is reduced, or that the formation of DHT from testosterone is inhibited.

Very often fall out of hair after treatment of tumors. From this type of hair loss - hair falls out completely, are men, women, but also affected children. If the essential drugs again discontinued, even recovering the hair. Other causes of diffuse hair loss - hair falls out from the entire head: thyroid disorders, infections, iron deficiency, stress, fat deficiency. People who are affected by hair loss suffer, especially under the phsychisch hair loss. Hair is seen in our culture as a beauty icon. All strive for healthy and shiny hair. But through various measures concerned can be cured by her hair loss, or at least he is well treated, so that the suffering phsychische not too large.

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