Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A hair loss treatment is extremely important for many

Everyone loses up to one hundred hairs every day. This is also not a cause for concern, but some people really suffer from hair loss and lose all the hair tufts. The reasons may be quite different and require different treatments. If you know the trigger, you can take a specific hair loss treatment in attack. This can be medically or in some cases, a hair transplant.

There are now many forms of hair loss treatment available, but are not all that helpful. Medication can treat hair loss if it is based on a hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to androgens. And with diffuse hair loss can be treated with drugs, because the hair root is intact, but is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients via the circulation. If all else fails there remains the possibility of hair transplantation. Here with innovative laser and microsurgery healthy hair roots to be redistributed. On the hairy back of the modern hair transplantation can be taken painlessly hair roots. This will be used on bald spots again.

A hair loss treatment can take place on different types

Hair loss due to a hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to androgens (male sex hormones), there is a hereditary form of hair loss. This form is for both men and women and it can be treated with medication. However, it only after the hair loss while taking the drug, the therapy is stopped falling again increased from hair. It is important that care in the choice of therapy is well tolerated and the appropriate drug is chosen. Most of the drugs are prescription.

Do the hairs on the entire scalp, is called a diffuse hair loss. The trigger here are indeed intact hair roots, which are supplied via the circulation, but can not get enough nutrients. This can be for example amino acids and B vitamins. Many factors come for a diffuse hair loss in question. Therefore should always first be researched for the cause of this can be targeted for treatment.


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