Monday, August 16, 2010

Light hair, hair loss is normal or abnormal?

Hair loss has many causes and many manifestations. Everyone loses 40-100 hairs daily (hair loss of course). This is a natural process that serves the renewal of the hair. If you lose, but grow more hair over a longer period than may be suffering from a pathological form of hair loss. The hereditary hair loss is the most common manifestation. From this androgentischen alopecia affects 60% of men and 30% of women. The Circular is an auto-immune disease hair loss and can lead to total hair loss, not only on the head, but the whole body. Also by poor nutrition, how it arises, for example, by dieting hair loss can occur. This diffuse hair loss affects men and women equally and occurs not only at the top, but equally over the entire head surface. In today's stress-related hair loss is also on the rise. In particular, young people are affected. But many medical treatments can cause a form of hair loss. In the first place is here, for example, chemotherapy mentioned. The chemicals damage the hair roots and thus lead to go out of the hair.

Treatment options for light hair, hair loss hereditary hair loss and round

Today there are a number of successful treatment methods for hair loss. In the run promises to stimulate a number of special hair care products hair growth and nutrients to the scalp. Various medications, including hormonal basis, the hair loss (hair loss prevent hereditary) or at least greatly slow down. Frequently, however, remains as a last resort, only the hair transplantation. For this operation, the suffering of those affected to be very high, because the procedure is associated with pain and with significant costs. To find a useful treatment approach, you should talk to the family doctor or a dermatologist about the problem. Only when the causes of hair loss were clarified exhaustive, you can opt for one of the many treatment approaches.

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