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Comparison of massages and Shirogriva Kobido

Shirogriva massage is a technique of Hindu origin several thousand years old. Massage parlors performing this technique are quite rare in France. However, it is frequently found in health spas, spas and the spas. Like its Japanese counterpart, massage shirogriva is a facial. The Kobido uses mixtures of plant extracts gold secrets massage shirogriva does not conceal the essential oils and massage that uses which are made from apricot and sesame. What differentiates the kobido shirogriva, the scheme's energy grid on the face, thereby stimulating the points are very different. In addition, the shirogriva also applies to the head and neck without touching the shoulders and neck.

To deliver its benefits, shirogriva adopt an energetic approach by acting on specific points called Marma. Like kobido massage, massage shirogriva aims to regulate the flow acting on the head and face. What differentiates these two techniques is the mode of action on energy points. Where kobido aims to release and balance the energies, the shirogriva acts to block it. The head is one of seven body parts crossed by the chakra system, many vital points there. It is for this reason a technique was developed specifically to stimulate the Marma this in the face.

The benefits of massage shirogriva
Shirogriva a massage focuses on the face and neck, however, its effects spread throughout the body. This technique allows for example to relax, feel lighter, but also relieve stress, muscle tension and feelings of fatigue. Given that the movements used by this technique are strong and uninterrupted, the benefits spread to the depths of the soul. In addition, massage shirogriva carries a soothing and stimulating both the body and mind.

As a facial massage, the shirogriva has a relaxing effect on all muscles of the face and neck. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes such as care for the face. For example, after a meeting with the beauty oils, leaves skin more beautiful, softer and brighter and brighter. Competing facelifts, the shirogriva is popular as wrinkle massage. A preventive or curative massage shirogriva is often used as anti-aging care. It also has a psychotherapeutic effect that improves the effectiveness of treatment on mental health.

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