Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Laughter, innate in man
Contrary to popular belief, laughter is not unique to humans. Studies conducted by two American researchers have discovered that rats squeal with delight when they are tickled. Many chimpanzees, bonobos are not resistant to tickle-tickle and giggle, panting. Young monkeys are easily laugh when their keepers will tickle the feet, palms or underarms. A bit like in men: a child laugh on average 300 to 500 times per day, while an adult would not laugh over a minute ... Hence the interest of rigolothérapie, also called gélothérapie. Today, laughter is recognized as therapeutic tool. In France, the intervention of clowns in hospital dates back nearly a decade. Some health spas offer the same packages "spa and laugh."

The many benefits of laughter
From a psychological point of view, laughter triggers the release of endorphins, neurotransmitters associated with feelings of well-being. It can feel a sense of relaxation and relax the mind. The laughter has positive effects on sleep and stimulates the immune system. Simple, easy and free, laughter is a natural anti-stress effectively fight against depression, sadness and disappointment. It is good for the heart and gives energy. In addition to all its benefits, laughter can break free of her inhibitions and helps to integrate socially. It even seems that in addition to facilitating contact, laughter awakens sexual desire ... and it makes people more friendly and more attractive. Finally, laughter is a salutary exercise. Unbelievable but true ..., 20 minutes would be sufficient to bring the same vitality as a session of aerobics or jogging. Indeed, laughing, many muscles are stressed, particularly those of the abdomen.

The sessions of laughter yoga to relax
Recent years have seen the emergence of many laughter clubs in France. We practice "laughter yoga" based around a humorous psychotherapy to better cope with life and unfortunate events. This technique is practiced in groups, since in general, is not kidding himself. As they say, the more we are fools, the merrier! Gélothérapie session usually begins in the morning. This method is to perform a series of laughter exercises inspired yogi, stretching and relaxation. And the results are felt in the first session! Elongated rosette, you do not ask participants, just "let him come." Often, the most experienced starting first and others follow. It is a wave of laughter that comes and goes for at least a good ten minutes! For, ultimately, leave the body alone laugh. In short, this is a true letting go.

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