Friday, July 2, 2010

How can I identify a food allergy?

A nice piece of cheese pie, pasta with seafood or a handful of trail mix, who could resist such delicacies already? Equally important are small pustules on the skin or unpleasant itching, which can suddenly feel after eating these things.
A distinction is made between an intolerance and intolerance of certain foods and a real food allergy. The former is widely used in 5-7% of the German population, there is an intolerance of certain foods, often nuts or spices. This often leads to diarrhea, but has no more far-reaching effects, as is indeed realized what it responds and says nothing again takes food to him.
Is also very common, usually in combination with lactose or nuts, intolerance of food. Symptoms of lactose intolerance include nausea, watery diarrhea, bloating and severe abdominal pain. Since intolerances are very common and there are plenty of lactose free foods, even this is not a problem.

Less common but is a true food allergy. This has had far-reaching consequences and often helps only a severe food allergy diet. Symptoms include swelling of the mouth, breathing difficulties to severe joint diseases such as arthritis. The problem now is that in order to remedy the situation and an effective food allergy diet first must know that one is suffering from a food allergy. For the aforementioned symptoms often occur immediately, but only after several hours.
But is then consulted a doctor, there are several Möglichlkeiten and tests to be tested at I on a food allergy.
The doctor can do with food extracts skin tests to observe the reactions to it. Various diet methods for filtering of allergenic foods when possible. Thus, for example by exclusion diet for several weeks, if all the potential triggers are left off discovered, while you're just allergic. Then, a so-called provocation diet is carried out. It takes only one allergy-causing food to him, all under medical supervision, of course.
Did they then first found the "culprit" can be created by a special diet food allergy remedy to the food allergy in the

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