Friday, July 2, 2010

The asthma treatment, the physician may determine

One in twenty adults and ten children have asthma bronchial. The muscles and the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes are affected by asthma. These are inflammatory processes in the mucosa shares. Although there is certain times when some individuals asthma is an acute impairment as a chronic disease. Local mucosal swelling and increased mucus production are usually the typical symptoms. The secretion is more viscous than usual also may itch, and increased tension of the mucous membrane muskelzellenumgebenden a symptom. Any deterioration of the general lack of contact, for example, stress, fatigue and malaise also in some cases.

A disorder of the respiratory function may be caused by a narrowing of the bronchi in the lungs contained. The structure of the lung is comparable to a tree. A main trunk with larger and smaller and smaller branches, which is located in the foliage. In the lungs are the trachea, large main bronchi, and smaller Nebenbronchien smallest bronchi. These are called alveoli and are alveoli. The gas exchange with our blood takes place here. The spent carbon dioxide is exhaled and the necessary oxygen is absorbed by the body.

Asthmatics can now carry an asthma therapy is a completely normal life. The asthma treatment is extended to treatment with asthma sprays the bronchi based, so that the patient can breathe again. Even cortisone sprays are used. Off thresholds also have an anti-inflammatory effect. A combination of a bronchodilator and a steroid spray is often prescribed.

The German aid agency Allergy and Asthma Association (DhaA) has its headquarters in Hamburg.
A coalition of interested parties and socially committed people makes the German aid agency Allergy and Asthma Association. They could collect in the areas of asthma, allergy and atopic dermatitis-depth knowledge and experience. To strive for the individual needs and concerns of people suffering from allergies and asthma and their families, the club goal. Promotion and health education, prevention, counseling, documentation, financial support to groups and projects are only a few points which belong to the wide availability, orders.

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