Friday, July 2, 2010

Hay fever treated with anti-allergic rhinitis

For the growing number of allergy sufferers, suffering from a so-called pollen allergy, the allergic rhinitis, drugs offer with depot effect and a long-term drug, such as hay fever antiallergic agent, the ability to treat hay fever, without unnecessarily many take medication. The ability to treat hay fever by a single specimen in the form of hay fever takes antiallergic agent, offers many allergy sufferers the opportunity to make their daily lives freely and with less medication must lead to. most of the preparation is only in the morning or evening and has taken it over the entire day or over the entire night. The relevant allergy patients is thus allows not only a pleasant and relaxing night's sleep and a daily symptom that affects the whole pleasant daily routine of the patient. As a result, the patient usually feels better and can already take his life with renewed energy in the attack. Nevertheless, here also a medical, and particularly specialist medical care advisable and important to ensure a durable treatment success and a proliferation of allergies to avoid other substances. This is not advisable, despite the free marketability of the drug without medical supervision by a Selbstmedikamentation over a longer period of time urgency. Even if an excess is necessary due to health insurance provisions or even the medication itself has to be fully funded one should still be tested and seek medical advice beforehand exactly. For even OTC drugs always carries the risk in itself to addiction and dependence cause or trigger other allergies. It should also be noted here that even OTC drugs have significant potential for side effects, suggesting a prior medical examination or GPs appear in any case necessary. This health check can not replace the advice of a pharmacist, especially after not occur when taking the drug over a longer period is

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