Thursday, July 1, 2010

Atopic dermatitis and its treatment

Unlike the early discovery of atopic dermatitis, we now know that atopic dermatitis is not a nerve disease. This fallacy was created by the fact that the disease manifests itself in waves. Today it is believed that a genetic defect is the cause of disease in atopic dermatitis.
Typical of this allergy is its occurrence in childhood. Most patients are confronted with this disease before puberty complete face. The common manifestations include a cracked and dry skin, redness and itching. If the itching yielded can also develop open sores. As with most allergies, the expression of these symptoms varies. Often occurs on eczema in the elbows, but can also affect all other parts of the body. The drawers of this skin disease are favored by various factors. First, the skin reacts by their extreme sensitivity to detergents and maintenance products, frequent showers, but also on food. The attending physician attempted by common food allergy test atopic favorable to recognize, but here is the proper monitoring of patients is very important. Relapses occur, for example, using a new detergent on, it is advisable to avoid that product in the future. Many of those affected will need quite a while, until they have observed the promoting factors of the form of atopic dermatitis and deal with them.
The current medical treatment methods cover three main areas. First, as with all allergies, the patient is in the ownership of his skin to provide them with sufficient moisture and to avoid the known predisposing factors. Second, a doctor may prescribe an ointment for external application which alleviates the itching and anti-inflammatory effect. The third area is to take medication. An individually chosen Antihisterminikum can attenuate the symptoms of allergy. Again, the patient is called for introspection, as the choice of the appropriate drug and its positive effect will be made mainly on the observations of the patient.

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