Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yes in the Shoes For Diabetes

A circular, the Board of Social Security, approved the granting of special therapeutic shoes for people with diabetes.
The use of special diabetic footwear is essential and necessary precaution, as these individuals are prone to ulcers.

This specially designed shoes will reduce the risk of ulcerations and amputations.

Please note that patients at increased risk for amputation are those who suffer from diabetic neuropathy with loss of sensation or of peripheral arterial disease, especially when there is an active ulcer at the edges of the feet or ulcer in the past or even anatomical lesions, leading to increased pressure on tread.
Insured Foundation could buy the shoes on, from free trade, after an opinion therapist physician specialist of the IKA-ETAM and opinion of the committee (HSH) which is necessary after receiving the item and before yield of the expenditure will perform validation.
The circular detailing the particulars which are necessary for obtaining footwear, technical specifications, the procedure for granting and reimbursement. according to the values ​​set.
After completion of the issue by the competent health institutions, the insured person shall submit all necessary documents with the sales receipt stating the name of the insured and described in detail the types of Benefits in the Department's branch in order to the given a fixed amount.
The participation of the insured is 25% of the amount.

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