Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Padlock" at Airport

Pulled out, tough but necessary described himself president OSYPA decision is expected tomorrow to take the board of the federation, which will include opening three indefinite strikes. The workers are still in the ... waited for months and not paid since December overtime and night.

So warn that ...
will begin strikes will not work nights from 10.00 onwards, holidays and Sundays, which means that it will not run any night flight and no flight course or the holidays.

As stated o OSYPA president, Vassilis Alevizopoulos "We are angered by the attitude of the minister who warned before 10 days with a relative out of court. We ride together, despite the promises of payment due in December there was no relative motion credited to the accounts. we do not immediately want to talk about going into a series. Just think that if the airport does not work a day in Dekapentafgousto cost is 1 billion euro. "

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