Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tucked In the Taxi Partition

Box Divider between front and rear seats can be put, but ... voluntarily and at their own expense the taxi owners.

This is a special system, made of transparent material, nontoxic, nonflammable and recyclable, which separates ... driver of the other occupants of the vehicle, not to hamper the communication between them and the transaction.

The installation does not affect the driving is absolutely safe for all occupants, reduce, where possible, the risk of criminal attack against the driver and may not serve other purposes (eg advertising).

The decision was taken after complaints about repeated incidents of crime against taxi drivers, and was requested and clubs and individual owners and drivers.

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  1. Hasan,
    Correction of design flaws in current partition design has been my mission for 3 decades.
    Officers are knocked out and remain in burning patrol cars.
    Officers slam on the brakes, while prisoners with hands cuffed behind their back - are smashed into the steel grid partition.
    Cab drivers get shot like a fish in a barrel.
    Cab passengers are thrown into sharp edges and protrusions.
    None of the partitions currently in use are legal.
    The NHTSA site for reporting equipment flaws has a drop down list of manufacturers. None are partition makers.