Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Use cortisone injection to combat hay fever successfully

Cortisone is thinking from the treatment of hay fever and other allergies no longer away, even though many fear the side effects.
In principle, cortisone is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the adrenal cortex. Medicine has discovered its properties for themselves, we find that today because of its anti-inflammatory effect of cortisone in various diseases its use. But not only reduce inflammation, but also the capacity of cortisone to paralyze the body immune system, make it a good remedy for the allergy treatment.
Of course, cortisone is not applied carelessly, but selected his application form carefully. Sun watery, itchy eyes treated with kortisonhaltigen eye drops, nasal steroids found in affected as a nasal spray and its application for bronchial concern there is in the form of corticosteroid inhalers. to fight with the dreaded cortisone injection hay fever occurs only in exceptional cases. Even with the indication of when the cortisone injection hay fever treatment actually applied, doctors are extremely cautious. But of course there are certain situations when the cortisone injection hay fever treatment is actually appropriate: Keeping in acute allergic asthma attacks with shortness of breath no alternative than to begin immediately a cortisone injection hay fever therapists. For great is the risk that there will be damage because of oxygen deficiency or a cardiovascular failure. Especially for people who suffer more often from such threatening allergic symptoms, hay fever is also the cortisone injection depot therapy their application. In the cortisone is injected into the muscle, but from there the cortisone is released only very slowly, so that over several weeks of cortisol levels held constant. This depot form of corticosteroid injection therapy keeps the hay fever patients thus have the full effect almost symptom-free period. Especially for allergy sufferers, who had to be treated more frequently for example in the last year or the beginning of the pollen season because of asthma, but also for all those whose cross allergy symptoms have occurred in an extreme that they could not treat sufficient, with the depot cortisone syringe combats hay fever and its symptoms.

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