Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lorano against allergic asthma?

All World sneezes. Each spring, the latest on a sunny day in March, it's time again. Germany sneezes. Countless people unfortunately, hay fever, every area of life is affected. With some already are the flowers of hazel in January, unfortunately many of the tree blossom in the spring and a lot of sniffing when the early summer comes. It later in the summer, from August, it will be quieter. Then, most of the flowers off and the pollen in the air is not as high. As if hay fever was not bad enough, often develops out of the allergy asthma. This change of stage, so it means the professional world, is not only annoying, but can also be dangerous. Asthma must be treated in any case. The disease is already at an early stage in the hands of a doctor. Allergy Asthma can not be prevented completely, and so forth need medication for the treatment eg Lorano. Asthma can be cured not mean it is one worth trying to alleviate the allergy and thus the asthma. There are also lots of other medications that help. Directly against the allergy asthma, especially if you hold an attack to help the drug to be inhaled. The notes directly affected that breathing easier in the lungs falls. These drugs are prescription, as a rule, in contrast to Lorano. Asthma medication must therefore always run on a doctor without a prescription you do not get it at the pharmacy. The doctor will also attach importance to the fact that the disease will be reviewed regularly. Only then can contribute to medication can be set exactly to the disease and also with success. Those who do not always take medications and would want to fight the allergy in the long run, which should speak to his doctor about desensitization. Here you get the allergen that triggers the allergy, about three years regularly injected into the skin. The dose of allergen is increased while more and more. Thus, the body can slowly get used to the substance. Treatment should always be performed by a specialist. It runs for a long time and must be performed consistently, otherwise the success of the expensive treatment is called into question.

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