Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cortisone is a proven treatment for hay fever

Every year he tortures thousands of people again and again: The hay fever. He is in his appearance and the precipitating factors that different that is still no universally effective drug was developed against it. Treatment is usually symptomatic, but here has proven cortisone against hay fever in recent years very well.
Mild hay fever symptoms do you ever get a grip on himself and in which one example is concerned in the pharmacy a pollen calendar and during the flight of grass or tree pollen, the allergic reaction is possible does not leave the house. Especially in the early morning hours you should avoid the outdoors. In addition, there are also many prescription drugs used to ease hay fever symptoms themselves are treatable. Be sure to consult a doctor should be, however, when pulled through the hay fever bronchi affected. This is manifested by excessive coughing, shortness of breath also. be involved early in milder forms must be a doctor, because you never know may be affected by whether the bronchial hay fever or dangerous asthma attacks can be triggered.
To be discussed at such strong forms of hay fever attacks, the doctor usually returns to a combination of cortisone and antihistamines for hay fever. Even concern for severe forms of hay fever, the eyes and nose, such combination products should be applied. The effect that is achieved is that the antihistamine to relieve allergy in general, since it inhibits the adhesion of the allergy-causing histamine and cortisone component reduces the swelling and therefore facilitates breathing.
For dripping noses obtain such drugs as nasal spray, are affected by hay fever, bronchial tubes, the doctor will prescribe the other hand, preferably with an inhaled steroid spray for hay fever. Of course, anti-histamine and steroid combination products are available in tablet form, but the cortisone effect is greatest when it locally, is applied directly to the affected area. Also be kept to a minimum the undesirable side effects. Tablets are recommended so only if several institutions are affected by hay fever, hay fever so the bronchi, nose and eye concerns alike.

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