Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lactic Acid Is Not Enemy

Who today has heard of regular exercise on lactic acid and its effect on the muscles and body. Produced within the muscle and make them burn. This process is what brings fatigue and often leads to withdrawal from the effort. The coaches often advise athletes to train under the "lactate threshold", which is the point where the intensity of the exercise begins production and accumulation of lactic acid in muscles. Many athletes also do ergometric tests to find the exact location of their staff lactate threshold,

All these have begun to strongly contested in recent years and indeed many scientists have begun to arrive that is completely wrong. The new theory says that the lactic acid is fuel, not waste. The muscles produce it deliberately ca use it as fuel. The reason why the well-trained athletes can work so hard and so much is because the muscles have adapted to absorb and utilize more efficiently the lactic acid

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