Friday, February 11, 2011

Impossible to take 1 kilo meal

"You can not imagine just that I take one away for a kilo!"

This belief is widespread among those watching their weight. This finding may be the cause of discouragement from anyone dieting. "What's next", "all these efforts for nothing" ...

What is it really? Is it possible to take a pound of fat in a meal?

The answer is no! Take a kilo excess energy demand of 7000 calories is the equivalent of 12 chocolate bars. However, a very hearty meal and very rich brings up a surplus of 2000 calories.

The day after a rich meal we are actually heavier on the scale, but it is not excess fat. The pound gained on the balance due to two phenomena:

- Our gut is more crowded
- We hold more water (large meals are often associated with a high sodium intake).

My tips:

- Do not weigh the aftermath of an excess

- Dramatize the isolated excesses. Make a hearty meal a little every once in a while is not a problem.

- Pay attention to your bodily sensations: after a rich meal, hunger is often diminished during subsequent meals

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful ideas of yours..

    It is definitely very important for all of us to have a healthy diet.