Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last year, the KIA Forte has replaced Spectra, good little car that was to follow the parade rather than join. The 2010 KIA Forte is also a nice car, good figure, and which will soon be one of the most comprehensive ranges in the industry. In fact, besides the sedan and coupe feature of this test, a five-door hatchback called an original (!) Forte5 (like the old Spectra5) will appear. KIA thus points in all directions with the sedan and coupe attempt to beat the Civic, with its hatchback to annoy the Mazda 3 Sport. As for the coupe, I first saw at the Salon International Auto in 2007 and I remember having found the resemblance to the Honda Civic Coupe striking. This is the one I tested and it is clear that I wanted to see if she could stand comparison with the Civic. It is cut with a knife in the case of the koup2010 and I must say that this is what I prefer for a sports car. The more rounded lines of the Civic are very pretty but it masks his aggressive side. For koup2010, no doubt she wants to be wicked. It is for this reason that the location is over sized fog lights and black. The roof line, the quarter windows, magnificent alloy wheels, all elements of this car have been designed so that there is no doubt about his ambition.


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