Saturday, July 24, 2010

When tested organic hay fever drugs test

While most people start looking forward to the spring and summer hay fever for the period of suffering. The typical symptoms begin. These include tearing, burning, red eyes, a constantly itchy, runny or stuffy nose and sometimes violent sneezing attacks. Nor can a scratchy throat or cough to join. The cause of the allergy can have many causes. Grass or plant pollen, fungal spores, animal dander or dust mites. There are now many medications that are allergic to make life easier. Many of them can get a prescription at the pharmacy.

Were examined in eco-counter hay fever test preparations. There was, however, it found that these drugs themselves can trigger allergies. Because the commonly used preservatives are to blame. In total, 73 funds have been tested. Some preparations of renowned producers received only the grade satisfactory, as an outdated, tired-giving antihistamine was included. Three of the drugs were often taken to be a smooth even insufficient. They contain questionable even allergies triggering agents. Only 24 of the brands tested were very good.

In the booklet eco test hay fever can be found also bring more information to pollen allergies well over the year. Also there is information on tests deal about the methods of traditional medicine also. Also are all alternative ways to treat hay fever treated in great detail. In Germany alone there are now 15 million sufferers.

Some drugs occurred after taking the medicine symptoms. The hay fever symptoms can be very similar. This is due to the preservatives used are contained in many preparations. But if you look at the declaration on the packaging carefully read through and it may take a dose can be prevented. You notice after taking the medicine, symptoms should stop taking the drug immediately and report to the doctor about it. The doctor can write down the information and forward it to the appropriate manufacturer, so this is informed about possible side effects.

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