Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dyspnea on hay fever can occur quite often

Allergies are always on the rise and are feeling more and more people. The spring begins and the symptoms go off. Running nose or blocked, your throat hurts, burn the eyes water, itch are red and one is sometimes plagued by violent sneezing. You feel these symptoms should seek medical attention. The allergy season, no one has to survive without help. That would be from a medical standpoint, what matters is not appropriate as hay fever can lead to serious diseases, as for example asthma. Also, an allergic shock can occur untreated even lead to cardiovascular failure and even heart failure and therefore deadly ends. Hay fever is a disease that is very seriously.

Since hay fever can affect an asthma, shortness of breath may also occur with hay fever. At the doctor, however, an allergy test be performed to know which allergen is responsible for the allergy. In any case, the hay fever can be treated before it leads to respiratory distress in hay fever. Against respiratory medication but you can do. There are many asthma sprays, allowing the breath short term.

By constriction of the bronchi located in the lungs, a disturbance of the respiratory function caused. One can imagine the structure of the lung as a tree. The main trunk with larger and smaller and smaller branches. At this is the foliage. In the lung, the trachea is the trunk, with large main bronchi, and smaller Nebenbronchien smallest bronchi. These are called alveoli and the alveoli where gas exchange takes place with our blood. You are now an inflammatory process in the muscle and the mucosa of the bronchi has to be respiratory distress. The mucous membrane swells and produces thick mucus. Shortness of breath against a bronchodilator asthma spray is given. Corticosteroid sprays are also used. You have an inflammatory effect and reduce swelling. Thus, the patient can breathe again soon. Often, a combination is prescribed by a bronchodilator and a steroid spray.

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